Looking Back On 2014

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At the end of last year I looked back at life stuff and posts from 2013 and I have decided to do that again this year. Also, I can’t be the only one who is amazed that its going to be 2015 in 3 weeks. It doesn’t feel like January was a whole 12 months ago.


The year started out with looking for a puppy. We named him Alfie. The first time we went to see him, he undid my shoelaces then chewed on my hand for 10 minutes.

So freaking cute. Also if you were wondering the girl in the photo is my sister.

My Ovarian Cyst Story was the longest and scariest thing I have ever written. And I was totally amazed by the internets reaction to it. I’ve had a lot of people tell me how brave I am for writing this and honestly it wasn’t an act of bravery. It was me trying to get over what had happened. I mean I got CFS from worrying so much about surgery. But in a selfish way I’m glad I have this now as I can go back and read it in 20 years. I wrote more about the after effects of surgery and living with CFS in AnnoyedI Am Not My Illness and Unemployed.


I also tried to do more art stuff in 2014, with posts like My Favourite Things, The Road Goes On, What’s In My Sketchbook and Tiny Watercolours. There is hopefully going to be more posts like this in 2015 and I know many people have asked about me selling some of my work and that should be coming in 2015 too. Hopefully.


Before I had this blog I made videos about books on youtube. The Silo Series by Hugh Howey may not be the best review I’ve written but it marked the beginning of me going back to writing more about books. I don’t have many people I can talk to about books and its nice having somewhere I can write about the books I liked. Or didn’t like.

I started my Currently Reading series where I share what I’ve been reading over the week. This is a really easy way of being able to talk about the books I enjoyed without having to write a full review of them.

November and the 30 Day Book Challenge was very hectic, even with planning ahead (I started writing posts in October), but in the end I managed to post every day in November. I actually really enjoyed posting every day and going into December I had itchy fingers from not pressing that Publish button. I would love at some point to be able to publish new content every day however can’t at the moment without becoming unwell.

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In all, this was another crazy year and I have no doubt that 2015 will be the exact same. I just want to thank everyone for reading and following this thing I call a blog.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas.
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