What’s In My Everyday Bag

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I love reading what’s in my bag type posts, maybe because I just like being nosy but I don’t know. So today I thought I would share what I keep in my everyday bag. I got this backpack from Accessorise many years ago, I love pattern on it. I’m also a big fan of the metal fastenings.

Inside I have:

Phone. A Sansung Note which is so big some people think its a game boy. I have a game boy cover on it which really doesn’t help.

Kindle. I seriously can’t leave my house without a book. So instead of carrying lots of heavy books I take along my Kindle instead. This thing is a lifesaver if I’m bored and waiting for a train. Thats if I remember to keep it charged up.

Purse. I am a massive fan of the Moomins. I saw this purse in a little shop in Bath and had to buy it. I’ve had it for almost three years now and I really don’t know what I’m going to do when the time comes to replace it.

Inhalers. Since my surgery I haven’t had as many problems with my asthma. However I’m still slightly paranoid that I might need my inhalers while out, this means they pretty much come everywhere with me.

Foldaway Bag. The Scottish Parliament recently passed legislation that requires shops to charge 5p for a carrier bag. I use this instead because it saves me from having to pay for a bag.

Sunscreen. Because its Scotland outside.

Socks. For some reason after leaving work one day I took my socks off and put them in my bag. They’ve never left.

Umbrella. Because its Scotland outside.

Lip balm. I really don’t use many lip balms but I like this one from The Body Shop.

Thanks for reading.
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