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Building Cheap Storage Using Foamboard

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So it turns out when you do Graphic Design at college you need to buy lots of art supplies. I’m not even joking the list of stuff I needed to buy was the length of my arm. However this means I now have lots and lots of art supplies and no space for them.

I could quite easily make more space if I sacrificed some of my books but I’m not doing that, so instead I decided to find a way of making drawers that would find in the little space I had left under my desk. This was the result.

So the first thing I learned when doing this project is that foam board is horrible to work with. Its floppy, its a nightmare cutting it to the right size and it hates being glued together. But I decided to continue with it anyway. This was purely down to a money issue. We had sheets of foam board just waiting to be thrown out while I would have had to go and buy MDF.

Using the foam board meant I managed to do this entire project with things I already had lying around. I found that layering paper mache over the entire structure really helped to strengthen everything. But yeah, if I learned anything from this it would be don’t use foam to make storage boxes (unless you’re prepared to spend weeks paper macheing everything (which I am not!)).

I also decided since I was in a DIY-ey mood to spray paint my plastic storage tower. Now everything is the same colour which makes it look so much neater. Pro tip: if you’re spray painting stuff and you wear glasses, take your glasses off before you start painting. If you manage to get spray paint on your glasses turpentine will get it off.

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