4 Ideas For Instagram Photos

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A few months ago I decided to get some of my instagram photos printed out. I really like having physical copies of my photos rather than just looking at them on a screen. However I also don’t want to just leave these photos lying in a box. So here are some ideas I came up with for fun things to do with the prints.


I’ve only just recently got into the habit of using a bookmark rather than dog-earing the page. However I really don’t have any proper ‘bookmarks’ and usually just use train tickets or leaflets or sweetie wrappers. Anything I have to hand basically. Which now includes my box of photos.


Maybe its just me but business cards are boring. Its just a bit of card with information on it. Now if I ever need to give someone my blog url they will get a photo of my cat or one of my dogs as well. I wonder who the lucky person will be that gets the photo of my dog peeing on a sandcastle.


There are websites that will print your instagram photos in a little book for you. But I’ve found its much cheaper just to make your own. Book binding sounds really complicated at first but its actually really simple and cheap. I will do a full post in the next few weeks showing you how to make this.


It might just be my 90s nostalgia talking but I love polariods. Instead of buying an expensive camera try making these instead. They are so easy. All you have to do is cut a piece of card a quarter of an inch bigger than your photo on three sides. Make the bottom about half an inch bigger. Glue the photo onto the card and voilà polariods!

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