A Look Inside My Blogging Notebook

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Way back on my blogging essentials post I mentioned I have a notebook in which I take notes, write blog posts, make lists and plan out my posting schedule. Well I thought since this notebook is nearly full I would show you guys how I use my notebook.


This is an A5 flexi journal from Paperchase and I really love it, my only problem is its a bit more beat up than what I would expect for something that has lived on my desk for over a year. This is especially annoying since it’s not what I would consider a “cheap” notebook.

On the inside cover I store various things that I use as bookmarks. On the other page I keep track of various blog stats. These giant post-it notes are really good for this sort of thing, I can just add another post-it on top when I get to the bottom of a page.

I prefer doing a first draft of my posts on paper first. I’m not sure about everyone else but when I’m writing a post out on the computer seeing spelling or grammar mistakes really distracts me from writing. My memory is pretty bad so that little thing sometimes makes me forget my train of thought. It also means its really easy for me to do a second round of editing as I’m typing it up.


I’ve tried filofaxes and a bunch of different planners and the easiest way I’ve found to plan out posts is by printing a monthly calendar and sticking it into my notebook.  I stick tabs on each month aswell so its really easy to flip through them

This paper isn’t really the best for using with watercolours but its good enough for little doodles. Anyway its not like I’m creating some amazing artwork.

When I started doing book reviews I decided I wanted to keep them looking the same. I have a draft saved on WordPress which I can copy but I kept a note in here too. You would think after writing 2 reviews a week for six months I would remember how I format reviews but nope, I still reference this pretty much every time I write a review.

I’ve also found that having a list of the books I got from publishers really helps especially since these are the books I will almost definitely review.

This is something I’ve just started doing so my method might change. But it turns out taking notes while reading a book really helps when it comes to writing a review. Normally I try and write a review as soon as I finish a book but this really helps me get my thoughts out.

Thanks for reading.
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