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How I Use The Bullet Journal Method

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A few weeks ago I posted about my blogging notebook, I’ve recently started using my notebook as a bullet journal as well. I really don’t do any journalling but as a way of staying organised I’ve found this to be really helpful.


I post four times a week here and though the calendar helps to schedule posts I’ve found that bullet journalling is a great way of listing out all the things I need to do every day.

I normally leave the first page of my notebooks blank so it was really easy to add in an index. Actually I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before now, I normally use tabs or paper clips to mark important pages but this is a much easier way of finding things.


I copied this key from the bullet journal website but I’ve found that I’ve changed what some of the icons mean. For example the exclamation mark is now for important things. Actually to be totally honest, I forgot I had this key.


I normally print out a monthly calendar on a sheet of paper and stick it into my notebook, I can’t decide if I like this way of laying everything out instead, It might just be a case of getting used to it. Writing blog posts on the page markers really helps though. My schedule changes pretty much every week so just moving the flag is much easier than erasing everything and writing it out again. Its also a really easy way of seeing if I’ve written a post yet.


As much as I like how my ideas page looks now. I think the way I originally organised it was better. Before all my ideas were written on post-it notes and I could just throw the post-it away when I didn’t need it any more. Now I don’t really have a way of checking off an idea if I’ve written that particular post.


I keep a list of all the books I’m going to review, many of these are review copys so I do my best to review each one I get. This page really hasn’t changed much, its just more condensed. At some point I may add a check box for sharing on bookbridgr/ netgalley.


I started out by writing a new entry every day however I found that I typically do the same things each day and was therefore wasting time by writing entries. I use some washi tape that I bought as a way to make the headings for each day stand out. This makes it easier for me to keep my head organised.

I’ve changed now and have one weekly to-do list. Its really easy for me to see what posts need to be written in a single week and its a better way of managing everything since I tend to have days when I don’t write anything and days when I write multiple posts.

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