Edinburgh Book Festival: Day 1

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The Edinburgh Book Festival took place this year from the 16th to the 31st of August. I got to spend 3 days at the festival, I would have gone more but the talks were expensive and the authors I wanted to see were on late at night which made it almost impossible to get home.

This week I have a series of posts on what I did at the festival and on Sunday I have an embarrassingly large book haul. It has actually gotten to the point where I can’t go into a bookshop without buying something.

My first day in Edinburgh was actually the first day of the book festival. My sister and I were headed in to see David Mitchell talk about The Bone Clocks. Since this was a Saturday night we decided to eat outside of Edinburgh then get the train in since getting a table anywhere for dinner would have been almost impossible without reservations.


The actual talk was really fascinating (it was filmed for YouTube but it seems that it hasn’t been uploaded yet). One thing he mentioned is that every novella in The Bone Clocks is a different genre, you have contemporary, war, satire, science-fiction and dystopia.

He also mentioned that his new book Slade House (being released in October) is made up of stories cut out of The Bone Clocks. David Mitchell also mentioned the fact that he is a huge Doctor Who fan and would totally write a Doctor Who book if asked (this is a thing I want right now).

My sister was not at all happy with having to wait nearly an hour so I could get my copy of The Bone Clocks signed. I even told her she could go buy tea and cake and go sit down, but no, my sister had to stay with me so I could hear her complain. Basically I didn’t feel sorry for her at all and in my opinion it was worth the wait because I got to talk to David Mitchell and he was really nice.

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