Edinburgh Book Festival: Day 3

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My final day at the book festival was spent on my own (which was actually really nice since I don’t get out much). The plan for this day was have another look around the bookshop and see Patrick Ness talk about his new book The Rest of Us Just Live Here.


I only planned on buying one book this day but I did spend a good hour looking around the shop for books I might find interesting. I ended up adding another 30 books to my TBR (I’m pretty sure you can hear my TBR list cry if you listen closely).  Since one bookshop was not enough I also had a look around the sci-fi/ fantasy section of the Waterstones that was right around the corner from the festival.

This was one problem I had with the festival. I realise that sci-fi/ fantasy books only make up a small percentage of book sales. But I was still surprised by the measly collection of sci-fi/ fantasy books they had on offer. I’m not even joking out of the entire store they had 4 shelves for sci-fi/ fantasy, one of which was entirely taken up with Ben Aaronovitch novels. But then some books which are quite obviously sci-fi (The Book of Strange New Things) was in general fiction. I also didn’t see a single copy of Station Eleven even though I know Emily St John Mandel was at the festival.


I admit I was kind of worried going into this talk that it would be full of little kids and I am glad to say it wasn’t. In fact it was full of Tumblr fangirls (I’m not just stereotyping here, I did genuinely hear people talking about their Tumblr blogs).

I was also really surprised by Patrick Ness, he was (and I hate myself for saying this) totally down with the kids. When his talk is uploaded to YouTube I will post it here because it was really great, it made me want to go read all of his books. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to start The Rest of Us Just Live Here yet as I brought it home and my sister immediately announced that she was taking it on holiday with her and that I had no say in the matter whatsoever. But from the small part that Patrick Ness read it sounds like it’s going to be really funny.

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