A Back To School Stationery Haul

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I love going shopping for back to school supplies. I mean I love buying stationery at any time of the year, but back to school time means I’m allowed to go slightly overboard. And that is exactly what I did, so here are some of the supplies I bought.

First of all I needed a new pencil case, after some searching around I came across this Baymax pencil case on AliExpress which I paid a whopping $2 for. Okay so the pencil case has a spelling mistake on it, but that’s my own fault for not looking at the pictures properly before buying it. I also ordered some Baymax gel pens to go with my pencil case however they haven’t been delivered yet.

I love the Staedtler fineliners and therefore am given a set for my birthday pretty much every year. However my mum picked up the wrong thing while in Tesco and ended up giving me a packet of Staedtler rollerball pens. These pens are exactly the same as the fineliners except they have a rollerball tip.

I think this is possibly the most important thing out of my haul and it’s a multivitamin. So when you go back to college you’re almost certainly going to catch some sort of cold, and I’m doing everything I can to not catch anything. I have no idea if it’s actually working but so far it seems to be helping my CFS which is a bonus.

More pens because I love pens. It turns out you can buy packs of the black Staedtler fineliners on their own which is fantastic because it’s the black ones I use most often. I also got a pack of fine tipped sharpies from Hobbycraft (£2.50 for a pack of 2) which are extremely useful.

Since I’m doing an art course I needed paint and some other art supplies. This is the second Jakar steel rule I’ve bought, I needed one for college and one for home because I use them so much. I also got a clear plastic ruler (because Adam Savage said they were good) with a steel edge so my X-acto knife doesn’t eat into the plastic.

I completely filled up my Paperchase notebook at the end of August (first time I’ve ever done that!) and needed a new notebook. I got this notebook from and its a little special because instead of lines pages it has dots. I really love this notebook and I’ll be reviewing it soon.

In my blogging notebook post I mentioned that I used a monthly sheet for planning, it turned out that for college I needed weekly sheets. Instead of buying a separate planner I designed a weekly spread to go into whatever notebook I was using, I bought some stickers and washi tape to decorate my planner pages (yes I am that person who likes the Minions, deal with it).

What is your favourite back to school supply?

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