Looking Back On 2015

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I’m sure everyone is sick and tired of these posts now and I would love to come up with some interesting reason as to why it has taken me so long to get mine posted but the truth is I’ve become slightly obsessed with Star Wars and have basically done nothing except watch the movies and read fan-fiction for the last 2 weeks.



2015 was a weird year for me, and I know I say that every year but it really was a weird year for me. January seems like such a long time ago and yet it also feels like the last 4 months have flown past so quick. I started out the year basically treating this blog like a job. I can’t quite believe that I devoted 6 months almost entirely to my blog.

One thing I learned during that time is though I really enjoyed it, I don’t think it’s something I would want to do as a full time career. I think part of that is because I really wasn’t able to go out and do much so writing was a thing I did to not be bored. That has changed now and I’m really trying to go out and do more even if it means I have to do stuff on my own.


On the bookish side of 2015, I managed to read 121 books (my goal was 52). I read so many amazing sci-fi books last year I really did think my bank account was going to start crying. I don’t even know if 2015 happened to be a particularly good year for books or if I just tried to read books about things I like.

In 2014 I made the decision that I was going to do the Edinburgh Book Festival and even though it was more of a literary festival and didn’t have much genre fiction I still enjoyed myself. It’s something I would like to do again in 2016. 

I also headed down to London in the Autumn to go to Gollanczfest, honestly I had so much more fun there than at the Edinburgh Festival. I got to talk to a bunch of sf/f nerds, met some book bloggers and got to meet a bunch of my favourite authors (though I didn’t get to meet Brandon Sanderson).


It was also nice just being able to go down to London by myself. This is something I have done many times before but it was the first time since getting CFS that I had been well enough to go.

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I do think its a little unfair that just as I get over my anxiety about being in new places. I come down with a whole new reason to worry while I’m out on my own. Fortunately I’ve only had one funny moment while out by myself.


I think going back to college was one of the best decisions I made last year (though I did end up ill for 4 months because of it). I don’t even think I really needed to go back and do Graphic Design specifically (though I am really enjoying the course). It was more about having something to do and focus on. As much as I love my blog I was starting to get bored of it.

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I should also mention that just 2 days ago I was given a conditional offer to continue with my Graphic Design course. So basically I’m going to be doing this for another 2 years.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (for 2016)


I’ve decided to only post once a week this year. I really don’t have the time or energy to devote to this right now. I have so many posts I want to write, I just can’t. So most weeks there will only be one post. On a Sunday as always. There may be weeks where I post more often. I know there will be two posts a week for the rest of this month but it won’t always be like that.


I never intended this to be a book blog and I feel that is what it turned into last year. That is also probably going to change. I will still be talking about and reviewing books there just won’t be as many. I will still continue with the monthly wrap-ups. Since I’ve been doing them since the very beginning.

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Though even then I don’t think there is any point in doing one this month. Unless you guys want to read my thoughts on a bunch of Star Wars expanded universe novels?


In October I started posting every day on Instagram and I’m still doing that. I really love the book community on there. Though I feel bad in that I think I’ve been devoting more time to Instagram than to my actual blog.

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I had been thinking of ways to keep you guys updated on what is happening on Instagram. Maybe doing a monthly post about it? But since I’ve basically been using it as a short form blogging platform. I’m just going to cross-post any particularly interesting things onto here.


One more thing I have to do, because I really don’t do this enough. Is thank you all for your comments, follows and views. I gained 5000 followers over 2015 and according to WordPress had almost 60,000 unique views.

That number is mind-bogglingly big and it’s all down to you guys. So I really have to thank you all. I know I’m terrible at replying to comments but I really do read every one. So yeah… thanks 🙂


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