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An Art Supply Haul

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Over the last few months I’ve bought a number of different art supplies, some of them for college and some of them just for fun. I thought I would do a little art supply haul since I’ve only done stationery hauls up till now.



I had to buy gouache for my course and I quickly came to realise that I hated using gouache. I’m not sure if it was down to me using the paint wrong or something else. Basically I didn’t like using it. But I’ve started watching an artist on youtube called SemiSkimmedMin, she uses gouache in all of her paintings and it has inspired me to try gouache again. Unfortunately my original gouache paints have dried up so I bought a cheap set of Daler Rowney gouache paints.


Most of the watercolour paintings I’ve done over the last few months have been done with very small paintbrushes. Even my Wall.E painting was done with a very small brush. So I have ended up buying numerous size 1 round brushes. This Daler Rowney System 3 brush is my particular favourite even though it’s made for acrylic paints not watercolour.


For one of my recent college projects we needed black markers. I tried a bunch of different markers (I own way too many sharpies) and eventually found that the Tombow Dual Brush Pen was my favourite. This pen has a brush nib on one end and a round nib on the other. My only problem with these pens is that they are water soluble so I have ruined a number of drawings by accidentally getting water on them.


About 3 months ago my favourite Rotring Tikky mechanical pencil broke and I admit I was more upset than I really should be over a pencil. But I love mechanical pencils so much, they are so convenient and you get a very thin line. I ended up buying a replacement Rotring Tikky but I also got a number of Pentel Wow! pencils as they are far cheaper and so far I actually prefer them.


I love Cass Art because they constantly have sales on so when I found this pack of 50 sheets of A4 watercolour paper for £15 I had to buy it. Quite often I see packs of 12 sheets being sold for around £10 so it was good value for money.


While I was in Cass Art I also picked up Just Add Watercolour and this is a little book full of different watercolour techniques and has an example of each technique. I love this book and it has made me want to try so many different things.


I use a large amount of double sided sticky tape in college and that leads to my scissors constantly being gunked up from the sticky stuff on the tape. You really don’t want to know how many times I’ve cut myself trying to clean my scissors. I ended up buying a pair of non-stick scissors and I really don’t know why I waited so long. They were £4 and they are something you have to buy if you’re constantly using tape like me.

As part of the design process in college we have to do research and stick that research into a sketchbook. I don’t know how many glue sticks I’ve gone through, I can quite easily use up 2 glue sticks a day. So I decided to try this Pentel Roll n’ Glue, it’s a liquid glue with a roll on applicator. I much prefer this to glue sticks which can break or dry out.


A few months ago the art store in Glasgow closed down and they had a huge 50% off everything sale. I decided to buy some of these Dr Ph Martin’s Concentrated Watercolours to try. So far all I have learned is that you should not get this stuff on your skin. My hand ended up being covered in turquoise blue and it took 3 days for it to wash out. Not even joking I looked like I was from Pandora. Also a little tip: this stuff has stained my watercolour palette so use a plate or something you don’t mind getting messed up.


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