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Logo Design For Eco-Hotel Chain

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Out of the three parts to the corporate identity project this was the most fun. We got to work with an interior design student on their final degree project. They were creating the interior design for a hotel and we got to create the logo for their hotel. Today I am going to share the process behind creating a logo for this hotel brand.

My client was creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly hotel. But she also didn’t want it to scream eco-friendly. So it was tricky finding a logo that had some sort of natural element without going too over the top. I eventually came up with these very stylised, almost 50s looking trees.

It was really interesting working with a client on this because I wanted my logo to look good but this was also something the client was going to use as well so she had to be happy with it. This involved a lot of going back and forth through emails getting the right colours for the trees and the right type of font. We even spent a good while deciding if the ‘E’ in eco should be capitalised or not.

The final logo ended up having quite a vintage look to it. This wasn’t something I had been planning on but the final product looked really good. It could be something to do with that specific shade of green. It reminded my of Orla Kiely quite a bit.

I really enjoyed working on this project because it gave me experience of working with a client. It’s easy to forget in college that I won’t always be designing for myself. There are other aspects of graphic design which I need to learn. Working with a client and creating something they like is one part of that. Fortunately for this project I was able to produce a result which we were both happy with. In addition it was something that we could both use as part of our portfolios.


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