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I’ve got a really short post today. I just wanted to tell you about the illustrated MinaLima classics. If you haven’t already worked it out I am a little obsessed with MinaLima. That is Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima who did the graphic design work on Harry Potter. They also worked on a bunch of other movies. Such as The Fault In Our Stars, The Imitation Game, Sweeney Todd and The Golden Compass.


As you can see their latest creation are these illustrated editions of classic children’s story books. And I’m more than a tiny bit in love with them. I’ve mentioned this before but I am a total sucker for a nicely designed book. Even a nicely designed notebook which looks like a book.

The currently classics available to buy are Peter Pan and The Jungle Book. They are also working on an edition of Beauty and the Beast which should be released soon in time for the live action remake.

Both books feature colourful illustrations and interactive removable features. Basically they are a work of art in themselves. They retail at £20 which is a little expensive (though you can get them in Costco for £13) but I really don’t care, I want them to do all of the classics in this style and I will buy every single one of them.


I also recently visited The House of MinaLima in London, which is an exhibition and shop featuring some of the graphic design pieces done by MinaLima for Harry Potter. You can find the shop just behind the Palace Theatre. It is a must visit if you’re in London seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


If you’re looking for a gift or even to just treat yo’ self. These illustrated MinaLima editions of classic books are a must have.


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