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I’m a little picky when it comes to planners, I think it’s the reason why I love the bullet journal so much because you can set it up exactly how you want it. I love my bullet journal, especially the way I currently have it set up, but that takes time which I don’t always have. So I decided to do a little research into undated planners and eventually came across this Seize The Day planner by Iconic.


Iconic make two different versions of this planner, you can get the daily planner which has 12 undated monthly pages and 120 undated daily pages. Or you can get the version I have which has 12 monthly and 52 weekly pages. I think the thing I like most about this planner is it’s really simple, you don’t get any of the unwanted extras that might come with a filofax or something similar (how many people really need a metric to imperial converter and a world map anyway). Literally all you get in the planner is the monthly and weekly pages with a few blank pages at the end.


Everything else you have to do yourself. The monthly and weekly pages are left blank so you can set them up yourself. One of the things that drew me to this planner in the first place was the fact that the weekly set up is very similar to what I use in my bullet journal already. But I enjoy setting up my planner. I’ll probably be trying out some different layouts over the next few weeks.

But I also like that most of the setup has already been done for me. So I don’t spend quite so much time on it. The only problem I have with this planner is that the rings aren’t quite big enough. I find that the pages are occasionally getting caught while I’m flipping through the planner. But I have also created some bookmarks which have bulked it out just a bit. Which may be causing the problem.


The Seize The Day planner retails around £16, if you are in the UK I recommend you order it from Sticker Stack. They have really fast shipping and it was where I bought my planner. I don’t know of any places outside the UK which sells these planners. But the Iconic website is always a good place to start.


  • resili0

    What is the quality of the planner materials like? For my budget, £16.00 is a lot to spend on a small ring bound planner with only this inserts – although like you, I like minimal planners I can customise.

    If the paper and production is high end then I can see the reason why it is priced that high but it seems a little steep for a no frills basic DIY planner. Especially if the rings don’t close 100% and pages catch.

    It looks good.

    • bluchickenninja

      I should probably have mentioned that in the post… Yeah it’s a really nicely made planner. The actual cover is this really thick plastic. The paper is really thick, I can pretty much use any pen on it without feathering or bleed-through (apart from the Copic but the Copic bleeds on everything).

      I think planners are the sort of thing where it’s a really personal choice. If you like something minimalistic and cheap I would suggest looking into the bullet journal because that can be set up exactly how you want. But I could also understand if you wanted a planner that was already set up for you.

      I didn’t think £16 was that bad for what it was, but then I didn’t see the point in paying £25 for a Filofax, I know you get extras in with the Filofax but I don’t use them. It would probably be a little more even because I don’t like the personal size so an A5 organiser is going more towards £40 or £50.

  • RachelleGreene

    I’ll be honest with you: I am a planner geek. There. I said it. But I really like the simplicity of this planner… Thanks for sharing!

  • ElizabethM

    I’ve just bought the A6 Iconic Planner Half v.4 and really love it but am finding it a little small and am wondering if this would be a better product for me. The thing I really like about the planner half though, is that it has a monthly plan spread followed by 5 weekly plan spreads, repeated x 6, which fits with the way I was bullet journalling (but saves me doing the set-up, which I too was starting to find a chore). Is this layout the same in that respect – with the monthly pages spread throughout the book – or are the monthly plan pages all grouped together? If it is the same as the planner half I may try this one out next time! Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer!

    • bluchickenninja

      I didn’t realise you could get an A6 version, I’m going to have a look at that. The monthly pages are all together at the front of the planner. I suppose that way you don’t have empty days and weeks in the weekly section.

      • ElizabethM

        Thanks so much for replying! Yeah the A6 planner half (v.4) is fab (choice of 4 covers – the daisy one that I bought is just beautiful, like an old vintage paperback), but just the teensiest bit too small, if it were in B6 size it would be perfect! Sounds like the Seize the Day one wouldn’t work for me as having the monthly spreads interspersed throughout the weeklies is a deal-breaker for me, I find it just works really well. I’ve been googling though and might consider some dated ones at the beginning of 2017. The Livework Classic Agenda (dated) for 2016 looks to have been a good option for me in B6 size, so will take a look nearer Christmas to see if there is a 2017 offering. Happy planning and let me know what you think of the planner half and any others you like 🙂

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