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My 2017 & January Bullet Journal Set Up

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I thought today I would share my bullet journal set up for 2017 and the monthly pages for January. This was the first time I’ve gone into a new year while using a bullet journal so I was quite excited to get everything set up. I know a lot of people also say you should get a new journal for every year but I only bought this Agenzio notebook from Paperchase a few months ago.


I try to keep my bullet journal quite simple. I love some of the really elaborate ones you find on Instagram but I don’t want that for my bujo. Usually I just use washi tape for a little decoration. Since it was the start of the year I also used this ‘hello’ sticker I got in a pack from Hobbycraft. I only have a small collection of pens I use now, the Muji mechanical pencil, 0.38 gel pen and the Staedtler Fineliner. I also use the Zebra Mildliners to add a bit of colour.


I decided to keep my future log to just two pages. I don’t expect to be doing a huge amount of future planning so my bullet journal set up doesn’t need to be complicated. I’m sure this layout was based on one I saw in a YouTube video but I’ve totally forgotten who’s video it was.


My health tracker for the year. I know people usually have a full page for one month but I’ve been tracking the same six things since last August and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Another good thing about this is it’s easier to compare months when they are right next to each other.


My monthly page for January. I use weekly planner kits to add some interest to my bullet journal pages. This particular spread is still quite empty but it will fill up as the month goes along. I will also sometimes go back and add noteworthy events. I love doing this as a way of memory keeping.


I really hope you enjoyed seeing my bullet journal set up for the start of 2017 and January. Maybe this will inspire some of your own bullet journal spreads.

Thanks for reading.
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