Papergang Subscription | February Unboxing

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I don’t usually sign up for monthly subscription boxes. I never think the price is worth what you get (this is especially true for book subscriptions), but a few weeks ago I decided to try signing up for the Papergang box since I’m a total sucker for stationery and nice paper things.

Papergang is run by, this is an online shop that sells lots of stationery things and cards ect. Most of the items you get in the Papergang box are things you can actually buy individually on the OhhDeer website. However the box is £9.95 a month so buying everything individually works out to be more expensive.

This months box was travel themed. It came with an A4 desk pad and A4 notebook with these really cute cacti illustrations on it. It also came with a blank birthday card and stickers in this same illustration style. I didn’t see any information on who this illustrator is because I would love to buy more things from them (I just really like cacti okay).

Each box comes with a Risograph printed calendar. It is slightly annoying that I can’t use this for another month but the print is nice. The paper is quite thick though so I don’t think I will use it in my bullet journal as the notebook will get really thick. I imagine if you had a Filofax and hole punched the edges this print will be great.

Then we have a sheet of stickers with outdoor themed illustrations. These are really cute and I can’t wait to use them in my bullet journal

The box also included a pad of undated weekly planner pages with the same cactus prints. I really love these sorts of weekly pads. They are great to keep on your desk. It’s also a good item to buy if you don’t need to plan every week. Meaning you only use a page when you need to.


If you head over to the Papergang website you actually get a hint of what the next month’s box will be from the background. For example one of the most recent Papergang boxes was full of goodies to help you start a bullet journal.


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