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It has been four months since I last posted so I thought I should give a little update on where I’ve been. The short explanation is I’ve been ill. I got a cold right at the start of January and it took till around March for it to properly go away. Then in April I had some weird back and abdominal pain which I ended up needing scans for. Not joking there is only one other time I’ve even been in that much pain. It wasn’t fun. This then caused my CFS to relapse and my doctor told me to take it easy for a while.

I can however announce that despite all these problems I managed to achieve one of the goals I set out at the start of the year, somehow I got an A in my final project for the year!

Over the summer I decided to take some extra time off blogging and do a much need overhaul. I’ve been blogging for nearly five years now so there was quite a lot of work to do, most notably some lower quality blog posts which had to be removed. But here are a few other things you should know about.

I’ve moved! is now a self hosted blog. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and finally made the jump. It wasn’t quite as simple as I had been told but I got it done with only a few hiccups.

Also a note for everyone who was following my old WordPress blog. I’ve mirgated you all over to this new blog so there should be no change. My posts will still appear on the reader and you can comment as normal.


I thought I should put all my new graphic design knowledge into use and redesign my blog. I loved my little alien spaceship but as a brand it didn’t feel right for me. My blog may look a little boring now compared to what it was but I’m really liking how it has turned out.

New Schedule

I’m moving to two posts a week. Mondays and Fridays. This is mostly because I have no idea how my CFS will be over the next few months. But also I would like some spare time to work on my own art projects.

Hire me!

You can now hire me as a freelance graphic designer. If you need something designed, head over to my design page for all the information. Or you can just email me at I specialise in branding but if there is something else you need designed, a poster or maybe a book cover, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

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  • Lynn Love

    Hello Emma! How nice to see you back in the blogisphere. Sorry to hear you’ve been so ill – are you fully recovered now? Did you find out what the abdominal pain was? You must have been so worried. I do hope all is well now.
    Huge congrats on your A. I’m not surprised, you’re obviously very talented, but wonderful news anyway. So is this you with a new career now, or is there more studying to do?
    If I ever decide to self-pub I will definitely remember to check in with you.
    All the best with everything and look forward to reading your posts again.

    • Emma

      Thanks Lynn. They never found out what was causing it. Based on symptoms it could have been a gallstone but the scans came back clear. This is my career (I hope!) but I still have another few years to go on my course.

  • Ashleigh McCaskill

    Loving the new look – it’s so clean and pretty!

    Hope you’re on an upwards incline – I had a relapse with my CFS/fibro in May and I’m still not 100% but after 12 years of it I’m slowly learning how best to cope with it all and get myself back to where I want to be! You’d think I’d know by now but the goal posts are constantly moving. Hope all the weird pains have eased off at the very least & that your health continues to improve 🙂

    But good on you for getting an A in spite of it all 😀 😀

    Glad to see you back!

  • Maria H.

    Yay! I am glad you are back and feeling well enough to post! I’ve missed your book reviews although I added so many books to my TBR from your recommendations that I am still working through them. Will you be posting about books, graphic design, or whatever comes to mind? I hope you manage to stay away from illnesses for a while!

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