MUJI 2017-18 Planner Review

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I feel like I’m constantly jumping from one planner to another. The type of planner I use depends on my needs, and just now I need a planner which helps stay organised with school. I tried out the Study Planner from Paperchase which didn’t turn out too well. But a little while ago I ordered a planner from Muji, this was originally going to be a blog planner but I’ve since changed to using it as an academic planner.


I admit I’m quite picky when it comes to planners. As much as I love the look of something like the Happy Planner, or the Erin Condren, I don’t like having all the embellishments. Over the last year I’ve found that planners from South Korea and Japan are really good if you like a minimal planning style. Another advantage to these planners is most tend to be undated which works great for me.

I have to admit I originally thought this was an 18 month planner but on closer inspection it turns out to be 13 months. It runs from August to October. I didn’t like this aspect at first (mostly because I expected 18 months) but having a think I realised this is better. It means a student can just buy a new planner each August and not have to bother with moving planners half way through the school year (like you would with an 18 month planner)

Like I said the planner is very minimal. It’s laid out with 13 monthly spreads, then it has 60 weekly spreads. One problem with the monthly layout is I keep expecting the notes column to be on the right side. This means I will write Thursday’s tasks in the Wednesday column. But that’s just a minor issue.

As you would expect with Muji the paper is really high quality. The paper is very smooth making it a lovely surface to write on, especially with the Muji gel pens. There is no bleed through either, even with the Mildliner highlighters.

The weekly spreads have a week on one page on the left hand side, then the right has gridded paper. This means I can use the planner the exact way I’ve been using my bullet journal. With events on the left and a to-do list on the right.


If you’re looking for a super simple planner the one from Muji is a great choice at £10. It doesn’t have any extras like you would expect with a Filofax or some of the more expensive planners. But I know personally I don’t use any of the extra bits so don’t see the point paying for them.


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