My Sketchbook, Journal and Notebook Collection

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Today I thought I would share some of my notebooks. These are the current ones I use on a regular basis. I own quite a number more than this but it’s actually quite embarrassing how many notebooks I own and have never used. You’ll notice a few which aren’t technically notebooks, but I thought I would include them anyway.

Handbook Journal Co Sketchbook

I use an A5 sketchbook from Handbook Journal Co as a place to keep all of my messy ideas. This is where I do some of my urban sketching and work on some of the more visual parts of personal projects. I really love the paper in this sketchbook, it doesn’t warp too bad which makes it great for watercolours.

 Leuchtturm 1917 Dot Grid Sketchbook

I also use an A5 Leuchtturm 1917 Dot Grid notebook as a sketchbook. Where the Handbook Journal is for the messy stuff, the Leuchtturm is more for research and the conceptual parts of design. So I tend to take a lot of notes on design elements, along with doing sketches and hand lettering. When starting this sketchbook I gave myself a limited list of materials I could use in it, this is partly due to the paper, but also as a challenge to myself to see what I could do with basic supplies.

I also love how versatile this notebook is. I recently decided to start bullet journalling in my Leuchtturm. I’ve had no problem adding in spreads while also using it as a visual diary.

Calligraphy Notebook

This is a notebook which my family brought back from Portugal so I don’t know the exact brand. I use this for practicing calligraphy. This isn’t the best notebook for calligraphy, the ink bleeds slightly and the nibs don’t work great with the paper. But for just practicing the basic gestures this works great.

A6 Bullet Journal

I currently use an A6 Leuchtturm 1917 Dot Grid notebook as a bullet journal. I love the size of this as it fits inside my pencil-case making it easier to carry around. The size does mean you have to change some of the bullet journal spreads, it took me a while to get a weekly spread I liked. But I really enjoy using this notebook. The smaller size means I don’t feel pressured to make it look pretty. It’s literally just a place for keeping myself organised.

Muji 2017-18 Planner

I use the Muji planner for a general overview of everything that is happening. I love this planner, the design is really simple which actually helps me stay organised. I originally bought it just to use with blog posts, but after trying it out I transferred everything to this planner because I love using it so much.

One Line A Day

This is a five-year journal. It has a page for every day of the year with enough space for five years worth of notes. I like using this to note down what I’ve been doing every day. Sometimes its nice to note down good things that have happened but it’s also a good way to document a normal boring day. It’s something that will be nice to look back on, however I haven’t quite gotten into the habit of filling this out every day yet. This means there are large chunks of blank pages.

I have a few other notebooks I don’t use as often so I didn’t mention them. I have a small journal where I keep notes on the books I’ve been reading. I also have a set of A6 Field Notes notebooks where I keep info on blog related stuff. I’ve been learning a lot about SEO and other ways to advertise my blog and all that information goes in my Field Notes notebook.


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