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I’m sure everyone has heard of Wish by now. This is the latest in a long line of websites selling stuff at an extremely low price. If you’re on YouTube you will no doubt have come across someone buying cheap clothes then complain because they are (surprise!) cheaply made. What I didn’t realise was that Wish sells more than just clothes. They do in fact have a small range of stationery items at an extremely low price. Obviously I had to buy a few items and thought I would share a little haul of what I got.


Tiny notebooks are great. I use an A6 Leuchtturm as a bullet journal because it fits inside my pencil case. This notebook is even smaller, and just £1. It’s great for taking everywhere with me. And I’ve been using it as a prop in a few flat lays.

The planner pages were really cheap, just £0.95 each. But I wish they were just a little bigger. The monthly one especially would have been useful, I need to put a calendar in each of my sketchbooks and not having to draw one would save time. But these are tiny, really tiny. They would probably be quite useful to stick in my bullet journal but nothing more than that.

I think I prefer the slightly larger weekly pads from Moglea which also have a simple design but also have more space for planning.


I’m gonna have to share a secret here. Cute sticky notes are my weakness. I would buy all of the cute sticky notes if my bank allowed it. The cacti and feather designs were £1 each with two packs. I’m really excited to use these in my bullet journal. I also got a set of ombre sticky notes, these were £0.95 each. These sticky notes are a bit more plain but great for using in my sketchbook.

I haven’t been able to try these out yet because I was waiting to take photos, but one of the problems I’ve found with these cheap sticky notes is the residue from the bottom of one will stick on the top of another. Meaning you get a slightly tacky spot on each note. It’s a little disappointing when this happens because they are so nice, but I guess that’s what you get for buying cheap stationery.


I’m loving cacti just now. I’ve sort of started buying all the really sorry looking cacti in B&Q and taking them home. So obviously I had to have the cacti stickers (and they got with my sticky notes too!). This little pack was £1 and you get 45 stickers in it. The washi tape was £0.95, it’s a nice design but it’s just washi tape.

I did order another washi tape which hasn’t seemed to turn up so that is something to watch out for if you’re making an order on Wish. I could contact the seller but don’t really see the point over something which cost £1.


If you’re looking for really affordable stationery Wish is a great website to check out. They don’t have a huge selection but if you’re looking for stationery thats a little different you should find something. The bigger problem is the wait for your order to arrive. My missing washi tape did eventually turn up. Two months late.


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