Kikki.k 365 Day Journal Review

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Today I have a review of the Kikki.k 365 Day Journal. Recently I challenged myself to journal every day. I like writing challenges because they force you to get into a habit and personally I’ve found writing everyday has really helped my mental health. The only downside I’ve found is where and how to store this journaling.


I’ve tried a few online apps which haven’t worked great. I know for this sort of writing challenge I prefer writing physically in a notebook. So a little while ago I was in the Kikki.K shop at Euston Station and came across this 365 Day Journal and I think it might be just the sort of notebook I’ve been looking for.

I really love this cloth bound hardback notebook, it’s roughly around A5 size. Inside it has space for 365 days of writing, with a day to a page. The journal pages aren’t dated which is great if you’re anything like me and miss days. You just write in the date on each page of the diary.

I’ve been using the journal to write about my day, what happened and my thoughts associated with it. But the journal also contains prompts, asking you questions and giving you something to reflect on. The prompts encourage you to be mindful, think about your emotions and feelings. They ask you to reflect on your life and note down things you are happy with. It also asks you to think about the future and if there is anything you may want to change.


I am not the best when it comes to daily journaling. One thing which helps me write daily is having something nice to write in. This is where Kikki.K excels. I love how nicely designed the journal is. And I always feel nicely designed stationery makes me want to use it more. This journal feels feels right in your hand. Like an actual book, it wouldn’t look out-of-place on a bookshelf. It’s the sort of journal you want to keep coming back to.

Inside we have 365 blank pages, the paper is quite thin but very smooth and a nice surface to write on. I’ve tested with a Muji gel pen and I’ve had no problems with bleed through. There is some shadowing which I would expect with very thin paper.


The journal retails at £20, it can be found on the Kikki.k website and in store. The 365 day journal is also part of the Sweet range. This means you can find pens, notebooks and other pieces of stationery with the same design. Overall I think this is a great choice if you’re new to journaling or want to try something different.

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