A Back-To-School Muji Haul

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I was down in London a few months ago. And while there I decided to pop into Muji to do a little back-to-school shopping. Now I am doing an art course at university so I have no idea what my classes will be. But I thought I would buy a few things anyway. So here is a little Muji haul.


I started off by picking up a few notebooks. The lined A5 notebooks are great. But I also got an A5 dot-grid notebook because I thought it would be useful as a bullet journal. I didn’t want to buy too many notebooks as I don’t think I will have many lectures. I’ll probably spend more time working in sketchbooks. But I bought a few anyway just in case I needed them.

Pencil Case

Then I decided to pick up a new pencil case. I’ve been using the same pencil case for three years and it’s starting to look a worn down. The thing I noticed with the pencil case is that it’s really big, technically it’s a make-up bag. So I would fit as much as I could in it. No joke I’ve been carrying a fork around for two years because I needed it for a project. I’m hoping by buying a smaller pencil case it will force me to cut down on the number of pens I take with me. This particular pencil case also has a small pocket on the inside which will be really useful for storing pen drives and other small items.

Monthly Calendar

Then I picked up a small undated monthly calendar. I really like these little calendars. Last time I was in Muji I got a similar weekly calendar. They are the perfect size to put in my notebook. This monthly calendar will be really useful as I can either use it in my bullet journal. Or to help me plan out projects in my sketchbook.

Pens & Pencils

Then I bought a few pens and pencils. I’ve been using pencil more in my sketchbook so picked up one of the Muji Mechanical Pencils. I much prefer these to traditional pencils as you don’t need to sharpen them. Then I got one of the black 0.38 Muji Gel Pens. I love these pens and use them all the time.

They are also great for working in my sketchbook as you can paint over the ink with water and it won’t smear. I use these pens all the time with my urban sketching. I also decided to buy one of the blue gel pens. I’m not really a fan of blue ink but I thought it could be interesting to try in my sketchbook.


I hope you enjoyed my little back-to-school haul. It’s really difficult knowing exactly what to buy because I’m doing an art course. But having a few notebooks to hand is always useful.

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