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Today I am going to share a review of the Field Notes Three Missions memo book set. Field Notes releases new limited edition notebook sets four times a year. When I found out the Summer edition was celebrating the American space program I pretty much immediately bought it. FYI to any brands reading this if you want me to buy your product put a rocket ship on it.


Field Notes is a company started by Aaron Draplin. They specialise in small, memo style notebooks. Similar to the old memo books that people used to use. All of the Field Notes products are made in the USA and the company focuses on creating well-made products using high-quality materials.

You can buy Field Notes memo books through their website, or there are a number of UK based online shops which sell the notebooks. Like The Journal Shop or London Graphics. The special editions can either be bought individually for around $12, or you can buy a year-long subscription for $100. Where you are sent two copies of each special edition along with a number of extras. Personally, I would love to try the subscription but I don’t have the money or go through notebooks that quick.


The Three Missions notebooks celebrate they heyday of the space race. More specifically each memo book is dedicated to a specific program, Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury. The covers of the notebooks feature images from each specific mission on the front. While on the back there is more information about the NASA program.

Inside you have 48 pages of grid paper, with the lines in a very light grey. One of the things I love about Field Notes is how proud they are of their product. This means on the inside back cover of each notebook you will find specific product details. Like the fonts used, specific ink colors used to print, and exact dimensions of the book.


The Three Missions memo set also came with three mission specific Crew Capsule models. This was the small detail which meant I absolutely had to buy this edition. You get three paper models, the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury crew capsules. Which you can fold together to make tiny versions of the actual thing. These were a little tricky to put together, but they are so well made. I love them.

And Field Notes have actually sent two of these models into (near) space. You can head over to the Field Notes blog to learn more. But they sent the Apollo crew capsule high into the atmosphere attached to a helium balloon. As you can see from the blog post, they had a few technical issues because things went better than planned.


I really love these notebooks. I love the size of them, they fit in my pencil case so it’s really easy to take one to class with me in case I need to jot something down quick. Of course, I love the fact that this edition is all about the space race. The paper models will fit right in with my Women of NASA lego set.

It’s hard to say if the $12 price is worth it. This is much more than what I would pay for the Leuchtturm or Moleskine notebooks. But they are very good quality. I guess it just depends on what you’re looking for in a notebook.

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