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I came across a new stationery subscription box recently which I just had to try out. The Stationery Selection is a box full of specially curated Japanese stationery items. This box ships directly from Japan so you can be sure you’re getting a well thought out box direct from the source.

This particular box is the September edition. It cost me $39 for the box and around $7 for postage. So around £33 in British money. This is quite a bit more expensive compared to the Papergang boxes. But it’s hard to say if that is worth the money. I should mention that the shipping was very good. This was the September box and it arrived in my postbox on September 1st. So no complaints there.


The items in the Stationery Selection box tend to revolve around a certain theme every month. Just based on the items I received it almost seemed like September was a back-to-school theme.

Pen & Pencil Case

The first item in the box was a Delfonics double zipper utility pouch. In other words a pencil case. I actually really like this pencil case. I’m almost annoyed I went out and bought one in Muji. This pencil case has two zipped compartments. But the space in between the two is also fastened together. You can undo this to find another two pockets which could be useful for storing small paper items. I really love that the pencil case is divided into two sections. It will make keeping it organised so much easier. Unlike the last pencil case I had.

Next, there was a Marvy Uchida drawing pen. Apparently, this is a pen which is quite difficult to find outside of Japan. It has a 0.3 nib and is waterproof. I do know from a quick test that this pen feels really nice to hold. The barrel is slightly thicker than what you would normally find on a pen.

Then there was a 5-meter roll of Maste washi tape. This washi tape has a small grid pattern on it. I’ve actually been meaning to buy a roll of washi tape with this pattern for a while. But the special thing about this tape is you can use almost any pen on it. Usually, you need a sharpie to write on washi tape. Any other type of ink will smear. But not with this tape.

Sticky Notes & Notebook

I really like the set of Stalogy sticky notes which came with the box. They have a simple design but come with a plastic cover to stop them from getting damaged. Then the Robiki-note notebook. This notebook will fit in a regular sized traveller’s notebook. It uses Yamamoto paper inside and the cover has some sort of vellum paper with a map illustration on it. I only have the passport sized TN but I think this may convince me to buy the regular size too.

The final items were a set of Pinebook One Day Masking Seal. This is a set of date stickers which can be used in a bullet journal or planner. But the stickers use washi tape rather than regular sticker paper. And then there was a PLUS Camouflage Folder. This folder has something like a half-tone pattern printed on it. Which I think is supposed to stop people from seeing what you are storing in the folder. I’m not sure how well it will work but it should be useful anyway.


I really liked the items which came in the Stationery Selection box. I don’t know the actual cost of the items so I can’t say if $39 is good value for money. But looking at the items I got in this, and from previous boxes. I think I have a much better chance of putting the items to use. As compared to some of the Papergang boxes. Which look nice but have a tendency to feature the same items each month.


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