The Stationery Selection | October Box Review

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Today I’m going to share an unboxing of the October edition of the Stationery Selection box. This subscription box comes straight from Japan and is full of interesting pieces of stationery which you won’t find on the high street.


Like I said. The Stationery Selection boxes feature Japanese stationery. Mits who runs the subscription service is based in Japan so you can be sure to get some unique items. The box is $35 with shipping ranging from $10 to $13. I should also note that for this particular box I had to pay another £12 in import fees.

I’m not sure if this is the norm for this type of subscription service. I didn’t have to pay for the September box. But it is something to keep in mind for this type of subscription. Adding another £12 onto an already expensive box makes me wonder if it’s really worth the price.


The most exciting item in the Stationery Selection box this month was a full 2019 planner. To be more specific the 2019 monthly diary from MD Paper. I’ve bought a few MD Paper notebooks in the past and I really love them so you can imagine how surprised I was to find a full 2019 planner in this box.

The thing I love about this 2019 diary is that it’s essentially a notebook with a series of monthly calendar pages at the front. This seems to be about the norm for the MD Paper branded diaries. It means I can use the diary as a regular notebook, but the calendar pages are there if I ever need them. Since I will be using this for university the calendar pages are going to be really useful.


The next item was small square sheets of washi paper. I can’t think off the top of my head what these will be useful for. But I’m sure I will find something as part of a university project. After that was a writing set, this contains a series of sheets and envelopes. I don’t really write to people but again the design is nice and I’m sure I’ll find a use.

Then there was a set of stickers which I would buy multiple sheets of if I knew where to get them. The stickers seem to have a stationery theme, with items like pens, pencils and envelopes. But there were also items like paint and paint brushes. The art student in me loves that kind of thing.

Then there was the last and most useful item in the box. The Zebra Sarasa mark-on pen. These seem to be really popular in Japan, especially in schools. The special feature of this pen is that it doesn’t smear when you draw over it with a highlighter. It seems like a little thing but this is the one problem I have with the Muji gel pen. Usually, I have to wait a few hours before highlighting over it.


I really like the items you get in the Stationery Selection boxes. They seem to be really well thought out and the items are things I would actually use. The pencil case I got in last months box is now the pencil case I use every day. The only downside of the box is the price, especially if you get hit with import fees as I did with this box.


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