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Today I’m going to be unboxing the October 2018 Papergang subscription. This box was a little different than usual because Papergang ran a competition to be the featured illustrator for this box. The winner being HeyTibbs, an illustrator from Eastbourne.


Papergang is a stationery subscription service run by Ohh Deer. Each month Ohh Deer choose an illustrator to create artwork which will be featured on various stationery items. In the past, these have been quite well-known illustrators, like Iraville and Gemma Correll.

This box was a little different. At the start of 2018 Papergang ran a competition where artists could submit designs and the best would have their work featured in a Papergang box. As you can probably guess, HeyTibbs or Beth Tibbles was the winning designer.


The items in this box featured some really cute dinosaur illustrations created by HeyTibbs. The first item in the box was a dinosaur shaped pin badge. I love this so much I actually messaged Beth on Instagram just to tell her how much I liked it. You should also go follow her on Instagram because she makes some really nice illustrations.

The next item was a coaster featuring an alternate version of the dinosaur pattern. I’ve seen a few people complain about this item because it isn’t really a stationery item. But I love it. Out of everything I got in the Papergang box this is the item I’m likely to use the most.

After that was a weekly desk pad. I don’t really buy these sorts of desk planners. But after starting at university I’m wondering if they could be a useful way of staying organised each week. Again, I really love the design on this.

The last items were a greetings card and a sheet of wrapping paper. Both with that same repeating pattern. If you like the items in the Papergang box but don’t want to buy the actual box you can find them for sale on the Ohh Deer website. I also recently found out you can buy past Papergang boxes on the Ohh Deer website as well. That may be useful if there was a particular box you liked.


I really liked this box. I loved the fact they featured a less well-known illustrator. Getting items from people like Gemma Correll is great. But I think it would be really interesting if Papergang started getting less well-known designers to create items for their boxes. There are so many fantastic artists graduating from university each year. It could be really interesting if Ohh Deer featured some of their work.


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