How To Post Consistently On Your Blog

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I have been blogging for over five years now. And for a good part of that time, I have been posting consistently multiple times per week. Today I thought I would share a few tips so you can figure out a posting schedule that works for you and how it can help you to post consistently.


Get A Schedule That Works For You

Having a regular posting schedule is great. So long as you can stick to it. From an SEO point of view updating your blog regularly helps. People will say you should be posting 3 or 4 times a week. But there is no point sticking to that if it isn’t sustainable. Your blog will suffer and you’ll give up.

Figure out how many posts you can feasibly write in a week. Set out a space of time during your week just for writing posts. I find when I’m travelling is good for this. It’s not like there is much I will be doing during that time.

If you find you can only post one a week start thinking in longer terms. How many posts can you put up per month? So long as it’s consistent posting twice a month is better than releasing a huge number of posts over a short space of time then disappearing for 3 months.

Set out specific dates during the month when you will post. Every second Saturday or something like that. Don’t just say you’re going to post twice a month because you’ll never get around to doing it. I’m talking from experience here. Set a deadline because you know what you have to do to meet that deadline.

Plan In Advance

Plan your posts out in advance. Don’t leave writing a post to the week or even day that you planned on posting it. Things always happen at the last minute. In my case, I might end up unwell or have to go out. That leaves me in the situation where I don’t have the time or energy to write a post.

But if I’m working on posts two or three weeks in advanced, changing plans doesn’t mean I will miss a post. I know about it early enough that I can make up that missed time somewhere else. Either by writing a post on a different day or writing extra the next week.

Writing a post at the last minute can work on some occasions. If something has happened which you really want to talk about. But don’t get into the habit of it. If you don’t like writing in advanced because you don’t like having to change scheduled posts. My advice is to write, have a specific time you post it. But don’t schedule any posts.

I leave all my finished posts set to pending. This means when the day comes and I’m due to post a blog, all I have to do is choose from the posts I have ready. This way you can have a set schedule but also be flexible with what you post.

Write Extra Posts

I know I can post twice a week. I’ve done it comfortably for months at a time. But I also know there are times during the year when I don’t have huge amounts of free time for blogging. Like over winter and during the term time.

My way of getting over this was to write two posts a week when I can. But only post one of those. This way I’m building up a backlog of posts for later in the year. I’m posting fewer times per week. But overall I’ll be more consistent because I’m not blogging for three months then abandoning my blog entirely for three months.

I know some people will say you should post consistently multiple times per week because it’s good for viewer retention. But after looking at my stats I know it doesn’t make a huge difference. I know for a fact working on my blog’s SEO had helped get more viewers to my blog than just posting multiple times per week.


I really hope these few tips will help you post consistently on your blog. The important thing to take away from this is finding a schedule that works for you. Rather than have some so-called expert telling you how many times per week you should post.

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