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My 2024 Planner Setup & Stationery Pal Haul 🖍️ Studio Diary #5

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In this video, I’m sharing my 2024 planner setup. My planner has gone through huge changes in the last year. Usually, I would be continuing in a bullet journal, however, my bullet journal became more work-focused in 2023 and this in turn led me to using a Filofax planner.

I wrote last year about The Artist’s Way, a huge component of this is something called Morning Pages. This is where you take some time every morning to do a free writing session. The proper way of doing this is to write three pages but I found this takes a long while to write. However, I did get into a good habit of writing at least a paragraph in my bullet journal each morning.

This writing tended to be things I was worrying about (I worry a lot). Or thoughts and ideas related to my work. Through getting into this habit I found that what I needed out of a planner changed. Before my bullet journal spreads tended to take up as much space as they needed. With some stickers or other doodles added when I had the time. This new routine led me to a far more structured bullet journal layout. One which could almost work as a weekly or even daily planner.

My 2024 Planner Setup

After finishing my bullet journal in the middle of 2023 I made the (rather expensive) decision to move into a Filofax planner instead. The Filofax came with calendar inserts but I continued the bullet journal layout I had begun to use. Over the last 6 months of 2023, I refined these pages and used them as the basis for a weekly spread which I made in InDesign.

My 2024 planner setup with the filofax open to a page showing a divider with the words hello 2024 written on it in calligraphy.

I’ve never been the sort of person who gels with a standard yearly planner but through this design process, I’ve come to love it. There’s something about designing a planner exactly how I want to use it which has helped me stick with this format.

I spent the last few weeks of 2023 refining my planner designs to begin the long printing process. I’ve come to love using fountain pens so I spent a lot of time finding the right paper to use for my planner pages. Ending up with the Kokuyo 64gsm paper as this was mentioned several times as working well with fountain pen ink.

My 2024 planner setup with the filofax open to a page showing a divider with the word important written on it in calligraphy.

The last part of my 2024 planner setup is the dividers. The dividers are something I’ve come to love doing every year. I find it to be a fun little creative way to start the year. My 2024 dividers ended up being slightly more hassle than I’d like. Mostly down to me using the paper I had on hand, a Hahnemuhle pastel paper in the colour moonstone. While this paper was lovely, it wasn’t meant to be used with calligraphy ink. It may not be too obvious in the video but the ink began flaking off the paper almost as soon as it dried. This is not ideal however I decided to just let it be as these pages are just for myself.

Sketch/ Commonplace Book

Since it was the end of the year I also decided to treat myself to a few stationery bits I’ve been wanting for a while. The first was a new cover for my sketchbook/ commonplace book. I still feel a bit weird calling this notebook a commonplace book because it’s not just that. I see the sketchbook, or at least the way I use a sketchbook, as the visual equivalent of a commonplace book.

It’s the place where I keep ideas or notes so I can go back and reference them again. As I do more calligraphy I’ve found in the last year I have been referencing my sketchbook more so I can figure out the best way of drawing a letter or flourish. It may not be a commonplace book in the way that others use them. But it makes sense to me that I would collect all these things in one place.

Hobonichi Notebook Covers

For the last year, I’ve been using a leather traveller’s journal-style cover on my commonplace. Usually, I don’t like this style as I don’t like the elastic inside my notebooks. But I figured out a workaround where the elastic goes between my notebook and the plastic cover on my notebook. Essentially creating a binding between the notebook and the cover.

My 2024 Planner Setup & Stationery Pal Haul

As much as I loved this cover, I’ve been eyeing up the Hobonichi fabric covers for a while. Specifically, a fabric cover which would match with the Light In The Distance cover-on-cover. Hobonichi products need to be imported from Japan so they tend to be a little more expensive. And I will admit this cost more than what it is worth. But I’ve been wanting to buy it for more than a year so it was a little gift to myself.

Wee Stationery Pal Haul

I also placed an order with Stationery Pal. This is a company which sells stickers and other stationery items at a discounted rate because they are shipped directly from China. I try not to buy stickers too often, but was pleasantly surprised by what I managed to get with £10. Stationery Pal offers multiple discount codes which can help you save a good bit of money on their site.

Thanks for reading and if you’re interested check out my new(ish) YouTube channel.

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