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    My Digital Commonplace System 🖍️ Studio Diary #8

    In this studio diary I am in Glasgow to visit the Botanic Gardens. I’ve spent so much time in this part of Glasgow over the years and somehow never went to the Botanic Gardens. I’m kicking myself after finally getting to visit. I love seeing the glasshouses (especially after visiting Belfast a few years ago). There was also a second hand book sale on the weekend I was visiting which was well worth a visit. There was lots of ephemera on sale, postcards, photographs and newspapers, as well as lots of books. I ended up buying a few illustrations taken from a larger book which have worked well as a…

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    A5 Filofax Finsbury Planner Review

    Something you may not know about me is that I was a Filofax fan long before I got into bullet journaling. While I still love bullet journaling, the way I use my bullet journal has changed significantly over the past few years. What I needed from a planner has changed and that eventually led me to buy an A5 Filofax Finsbury ring-bound planner. I do still intend to use the bullet journal system in this new ring binder. The flexibility of the ring system, along with the ability to design a planner to my exact needs have made the Finsbury planner a better alternative to using a standalone bullet journal…

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    My 2024 Planner Setup & Stationery Pal Haul 🖍️ Studio Diary #5

    In this video, I’m sharing my 2024 planner setup. My planner has gone through huge changes in the last year. Usually, I would be continuing in a bullet journal, however, my bullet journal became more work-focused in 2023 and this in turn led me to using a Filofax planner. I wrote last year about The Artist’s Way, a huge component of this is something called Morning Pages. This is where you take some time every morning to do a free writing session. The proper way of doing this is to write three pages but I found this takes a long while to write. However, I did get into a good…