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    My Digital Commonplace System 🖍️ Studio Diary #8

    In this studio diary I am in Glasgow to visit the Botanic Gardens. I’ve spent so much time in this part of Glasgow over the years and somehow never went to the Botanic Gardens. I’m kicking myself after finally getting to visit. I love seeing the glasshouses (especially after visiting Belfast a few years ago). There was also a second hand book sale on the weekend I was visiting which was well worth a visit. There was lots of ephemera on sale, postcards, photographs and newspapers, as well as lots of books. I ended up buying a few illustrations taken from a larger book which have worked well as a…

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    Experimenting In My Filofax Planner 🖍️ studio diary #7

    April always tends to be a very busy month for me and this year was no different. This means I don’t have a huge amount of interesting footage to show. This month I spent some of my free time experimenting with my Filofax planner. I’ve come to enjoy using this planner, I don’t feel a huge urge to move around (which I tend to do). I think it’s the combination of designing the planner myself, and the flexibility of the rings system which makes it easy to add in extra pages where I feel they might be useful. I designed a monthly task page so it’s really easy for me…