Why Paper Kind?

The Paper Kind started way back in 2013. It had a different name and a very different look. It was a place where I would write about all the things that were happening and what I liked.

Over the years Paper Kind has changed a lot, it turned from a hobby into something more as I dealt with life-changing health issues. When I finally went back to college and then university to study Graphic Design this blog became a place for me to share my progress and what I had learned along the way.

As I furthered my creative practice, and became more serious about learning calligraphy, this blog became an essential part of my creative process. Think of Paper Kind as the research side of my work. Here we ask, why are notebooks a thing, where did planners come from and how did we end up with biro pens.

And of course occasionally I’ll share my favourite stationery items.

About The Author

Emma is a graphic designer and calligrapher from Scotland. She graduated with a BA(hons) degree in Graphic Design in 2021. She has always had an interest in penmanship and her art practice centres on calligraphy and lettering.

Emma also runs Nethy Studio which offers calligraphy and design services for weddings and other events.

Emma can be found on instagram: @emma.biggins

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  • Laura mcGaffey

    Hi Emma! I’m watching a Great Courses course called “Writing Great Essays” and the professor referred to commonplace books. So I googled and came upon your blog post. Thanks. Good post. BTW, my husband and I both have Scottish blood. I live in Arizona, USA.

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