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  • Fun Fact: I Am Not An Apple Genius

    Fun Fact: I Am Not An Apple Genius

    I spent three years at studying for a degree in Computing. During that time I learned many things, like normalizing to third normal form, what a name server is and how artificial intelligence works. At no point during that course was I taught how to be an apple genius. However during that time I did not…

  • New Blog | Here We Go Again

    New Blog | Here We Go Again

    Hello. This is the third time I’ve tried to start a proper blog. A quick Google search would probably show numerous accounts I’ve started and totally forgotten about. I’ve made at least three attempts to starts blogging with Blogspot. Technically this blog is already a year and a half old because I made it then…


I’m Emma. I am a designer, calligrapher, and content creator, sharing my love for paper goods. Expect pens, pencils, and some really fancy paper!


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