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Review | Soil by Jamie Kornegay

Soil by Jamie Kornegay book coverRating: 4 / 5 stars
Format: Hardback
Published: 12th March 2015
Book Depository | Goodreads

It begins as a simple dream. An idealistic environmental scientist moves his wife and young son off the grid, to a stretch of river bottom farmland in the Mississippi hills, hoping to position himself at the forefront of a revolution in agriculture. Within a year, he is ruined.

When a corpse appears on his family’s property, the farmer is convinced he’s being set up. And so begins a journey into a maze of misperceptions and personal obsessions, as the farmer, his now-estranged wife, a predatory deputy, and a backwoods wanderer, all try to uphold a personal sense of honour. By turns hilarious and darkly disturbing, Soil traces one man’s apocalypse to its epic showdown in the Mississippi mudflats.

I was really surprised by this. It was very creepy but in a good way. It almost reminded me of a Stephen King novel. In fact it reminded me of Blaze by Richard Bachman. We have a guy that gets himself into a bad situation. The entire book is about him trying to fix this situation and even though the things he is doing is wrong you can’t help but feel sorry for him.

I really enjoyed this book. Parts are super creepy. Just when you think it can’t get and worse it gets worse. And it was brilliant. Though I would put a big graphic content warning on this. So if thats not your sort of thing you may want to pass this one.

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*I received a copy of this book from Two Roads in exchange for an honest review.

10 responses to “Review | Soil by Jamie Kornegay”

  1. This is exactly the sort of book I was looking to read next (after I finish my latest Ian Rankin, A Question of Blood). Thanks pointing it out!


  2. I haven’t read a lot of Stephen King – when you said this reminded you of Blaze by Richard Bachman at first my mind went to Richard Bach who wrote inspirational books back in the ’70’s like Jonathon Livingston Seagull (and I was thinking about yesterday at the beach.)

    Not quite the same genre… Enjoyed the review!


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