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A Back To School Stationery Haul

I love going shopping for back to school supplies. I mean I love buying stationery at any time of the year, but back to school time means I’m allowed to go slightly overboard. And that is exactly what I did, so here are some of the supplies I bought.

A Back To School Haul

First of all I needed a new pencil case, after some searching around I came across this Baymax pencil case on AliExpress which I paid a whopping $2 for. Okay so the pencil case has a spelling mistake on it, but that’s my own fault for not looking at the pictures properly before buying it. I also ordered some Baymax gel pens to go with my pencil case however they haven’t been delivered yet.

I love the Staedtler fineliners and therefore am given a set for my birthday pretty much every year. However my mum picked up the wrong thing while in Tesco and ended up giving me a packet of Staedtler rollerball pens. These pens are exactly the same as the fineliners except they have a rollerball tip.

I think this is possibly the most important thing out of my haul and it’s a multivitamin. So when you go back to college you’re almost certainly going to catch some sort of cold, and I’m doing everything I can to not catch anything. I have no idea if it’s actually working but so far it seems to be helping my CFS which is a bonus.

More pens because I love pens. It turns out you can buy packs of the black Staedtler fineliners on their own which is fantastic because it’s the black ones I use most often. I also got a pack of fine tipped sharpies from Hobbycraft (£2.50 for a pack of 2) which are extremely useful.

Since I’m doing an art course I needed paint and some other art supplies. This is the second Jakar steel rule I’ve bought, I needed one for college and one for home because I use them so much. I also got a clear plastic ruler (because Adam Savage said they were good) with a steel edge so my X-acto knife doesn’t eat into the plastic.

A Back To School Haul

I completely filled up my Paperchase notebook at the end of August (first time I’ve ever done that!) and needed a new notebook. I got this notebook from and its a little special because instead of lines pages it has dots. I really love this notebook and I’ll be reviewing it soon.

In my blogging notebook post I mentioned that I used a monthly sheet for planning, it turned out that for college I needed weekly sheets. Instead of buying a separate planner I designed a weekly spread to go into whatever notebook I was using, I bought some stickers and washi tape to decorate my planner pages (yes I am that person who likes the Minions, deal with it).

What is your favourite back to school supply?

Thanks for reading.
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42 responses to “A Back To School Stationery Haul”

  1. Notebooks either from Paperchase, Claire Fontaine, or Moleskine. They have to be fountain pen friendly so no bleeding or ink feathering. I am not a sticker/tape person and I do not decorate my calendar but I doodle a lot.

    Best of luck this academic year#


  2. Ahh I love buying stationary an back to school is the perfect excuse! I didn’t know staedtler did rollerballs or that you could get clear rulers with metal edges. Must remember that.


  3. All of it. I love school supplies. I LOVE THEM ALL. I’m most likely never going to be a student again (unless I hit my head and decide that yes I am going to get a PhD), it’s not happening.


  4. All the things look super cute. Especially the stickers and washi tape. I’ve had bad experience with shopping on Aliexpress. Are you happy with the stuff on there? Good luck!


    • Yeah I was happy with AliExpress, I did a load of research on the seller before buying anything. One thing I bought wasn’t what I expected but thats my own fault for not checking the listing properly.


  5. LOVE those pens!

    I absolutely LOVE notebooks. I almost never use them, because most of them are too pretty to be used. It’s actually an obsession really….


  6. The notebook looks lovely! I love shopping for stationary as well and I simply can’t resist when I see a pen or a paper notebook. Right now I have about five notebooks and I use only one. The other ones are emoty, waiting for me to write something in them 🙂


  7. Although it has been years since I went to school, I do remember that feeling of starting the year off with everything new and fresh. Enjoy.


  8. Aaah, the luck of you… I stopped allowing myself to buy new stationary because I’ve got way too much already and should first use that up or pass on… But I love the thrills when just walking down the aisles of stationary shops… ❤ Love the idea of dotted lines in a notebook!!! And don't worry – Minions are great 😉 Enjoy your new stuff and have a good start 🙂 !!!


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