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The Devil In The Valley is the latest novel by Castle Freeman Jr. Set in Vermont, Freeman tells a tale of temptation and greed. Exploring what we’re willing to trade to obtain the things we most desire. Please note Duckworth Overlook sent me a copy of this book in exchange for a review.



In his quiet Vermont home, a man named Taft sits and wonders what’s missing from his life. He’s at a loss until a strange voice startles him from the rocking chair, where a stranger has seemingly appeared out of nowhere: well-dressed and smooth-talking, this man offers Taft the chance to have anything he’s ever wanted—for a price.


I really didn’t know anything about this book when I requested a copy. Even the description on the back doesn’t give much away, so I was very surprised when I found out that this book is basically the story of an old man trying to help people, but he does this by making a deal with the devil (some of you may be saying, “but Emma, it’s right in the title” well yeah, I brain farted okay?).

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But he doesn’t really make a deal with the devil, it’s more that hell is some sort of organisation that is in the business of giving out whatever you could ever want in exchange for your soul. This is essentially the story of an old alcoholic who trades away his soul because he doesn’t believe in all that afterlife nonsense and the go-between; a character called Dangerfield.

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I can’t find the words to explain how surprised I was and how much I enjoyed this book. It’s little story about good and evil set in a dark and moody Vermont. In a way it reminded me quite a bit of The Mountain Can Wait.


It’s under 200 pages but it still tells you everything you need to know without having any extraneous details. Read this if you like Stephen King (though I should add that there are no horror elements to this, I was just getting massive Stephen King vibes while reading it).


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