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How To Make Bubble Prints

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I recently discovered bubble printing and it has quickly become my favourite way to create interesting textures. These bubble textures can be used in so many design projects, you can use them as wrapping paper or turn them into envelopes like I have done.

You will need

Washing up liquid
Arylic paint


Start off by squeezing paint into a small container. I found using a low bowl works better, it means the bubbles don’t need to be so big for you to get a good print. I’m using Liquitex heavy body paint but any sort of acrylic paint will work for this.

Then add in water and washing up liquid. There are no exact quantites here. Its a case of trial an error. Make sure the paint is fully mixed with the liquid. Then try blowing some bubbles. If you’re blowing air you need to add more water, if you’re not making bubbles add more washing up liquid.

Once you’ve got the mixture right you can start making prints. Blow bubbles till they are the size you want then lay a sheet of paper down on the bubbles. Try to not touch the container as this will show on the print. If the colours aren’t very vibrant you may need to add in more paint.

Keep testing the mixture until you get a good print. I like covering the whole page in one colour. But you can also cover parts of the page in one colour then make up another mixture with different paint. Metallic paints work really well when you’re mixing multiple colours on the page. I use the Pebeo Metallic Blue paint which I got from Hobbycraft.

The great thing about bubble printing is you can try as many different variations as you want. When your paper is dry you could use it to make envelopes like I have done. Or you could use them as end papers in a book binding project.

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