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What’s In My Sketchbook

I’m terrible at finishing sketchbooks. I usually give up on a sketchbook half way through and buy another one. So the fact that not only did I finish a sketchbook but did it in under 4 months is kind of unbelievable. So here are some of my favourite pages.


don't worry sketchbook page

Some advice from my doctor just after being diagnosed with CFS. I did another version of this which became sort of popular on Tumblr.

I Have Loved The Stars: I had seen something like this on Etsy and really wanted to buy it, but the artist had attributed the quote to Galileo. It’s actually from The Old Astronomer by Sarah Williams.

Jasper: This is my other black labrador, it was my first time doing a dog portrait and I was really pleased with how it turned out. Mainly because my family could tell who it was supposed to be.


watercolour landscape painting

For a while I was really into watching videos of people painting in watercolour. But I can’t watch a 30 minute video without getting bored so I started painting along with the video. It turned out to be a really good way of learning watercolour.


Books: This is the original version of the My Favourite Things painting.

Patterns: I really like this pattern, I want to turn it into a phone cover or something. This also inspired my DIY Paint Patterns post.

Thanks for reading 🙂

40 responses to “What’s In My Sketchbook”

  1. Your paintings are very nice. I would love to be able to draw something (besides a daisy) that someone else could actually recognize.

    Have you seen Tim’s Vermeer? It’s a documentary by Penn and Teller documenting how a friend of theirs (Tim) tried to copy the style of the dutch artist Vermeer? It is pretty cool. Although I do understand about getting bored. I doodle, it’s about all my artistic expression is good for. 🙂


  2. I love your art. I have several half-started art journals around my house but I’m not great at creating regularly. You inspire me. 🙂


  3. I LOVE the Old Astronomer quote one. Gorgeous. And the portrait of Jasper is amazing as well. Also color me jealous of your ability to use watercolors… I never did get the hang of them. Or any paints really.


    • Thanks. To be honest before starting this sketchbook I had almost never used watercolours before. Like most things all you need is time to learn and making mistakes is just part of that. You should try it out!


  4. I love your labrador and the fluid prettiness of your “sketchbooks” – mine are much sketchier- in both line work and in the suspicious insinuation of artistry.


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