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How To Paint Patterns On Paper

Painting patterns has become one of my favourite things to do while watching movies. I find it very calming, similar to those colouring books which were very popular for a while. Its fun and literally the easiest thing to do. If you can hold a paintbrush you can do this.

diy paint patterns



paint patterns materials needed


  • Paper. The type of paper you buy will depend on the sort of paint you use. I prefer to use some sort of watercolour paper. But you should also keep in mind what you will be using the paper for. Thick watercolour paper isn’t the best if you’re wanting to use the patterns as wrapping paper.
  • Paintbrushes. Any sort of paintbrush will work. You may want to get a finer paintbrush if you have a very intricate pattern.
  • Pencils and ruler. These will be really useful if you want to draw your pattern before painting it. Depending on the complexity of the pattern you may want to try different versions in a sketchbook before choosing your favourite.
  • Paint. This depends entirely on the sort of look you want your pattern to have. Watercolour is more transparent, gouache is more opaque.



  • Draw any kind of pattern you want. The one I am doing is based on a duvet cover I saw in IKEA.
  • Paint!


example orange stripes

And voilà. You made a pattern. Don’t worry about it being perfect. I find the imperfections make the pattern more interesting to look at. You can also use decorative paper punches to make a stencil to trace around. Just like the ones I have done below. If you really wanted to you could transfer these patterns onto large sheets of paper and create your own wrapping paper. If you have the supplies lying around this would be much cheaper than buying your own wrapping paper. It would also make the gift even more special because you make part of it yourself.



paint pattern example yellow square pink circle

10 responses to “How To Paint Patterns On Paper”

  1. Yes, you inspire me too – the simplicity and the colour are deceptive. Not that easy to accomplish. I too might try making some patterns with paint. I wondered if the marbling could be done on fabric – but I think there are all sorts of other products that do that sort of thing.


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