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I am a total pen snob. If you walked into a stationery shop I would be the person trying every single pen till I found one I liked. I have loved some pens so much that I have actually mourned them when they broke or ran out. And now that you know I’m a total nut case here are some of my favourite pens.

Bic 4 Colour: I agree that its totally stupid that Bic made a special line of pens “just for girls” but I have to admit I really like this pen. I would prefer if the nib was just a little smaller but its nice to write with and I like the colours.

Paperchase Gel Pen: This pen comes in so many different colours. And its super cheap, £1 I think. Again I would have preferred if the nib was a bit smaller and sometimes the ball doesn’t work so well but I like these.

Staedtler Tri Plus: I didn’t really choose the best colour to show off this pen. But I love them. They come in so many different colours and are fantastic for taking notes. I got a new set of these every year all the way through high school and college and they never ran out. That is also the reason why I have a giant pile of them now.

Pigma Micron 02: This is just a really good artist pen. It works really well and hasn’t run out on me yet. And you get super tiny nibs which are good for really small details.

Pilot Hi-Techpoint V5: I can’t say anything about this pen other than I like it. It feels nice to write with and again it was fantastic for taking notes in college.

Rotring Tikky 05: Okay so technically this isn’t a pen, its a mechanical pencil. Sometimes I prefer to write in pencil but I’m too lazy for sharpeners and all that. I got this pencil in a pack with an extra tube of lead, I’ve been using it for nearly a year and I still have half a tube of lead left. The only problem I have with this pencil is the eraser that comes with it is way too small.

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