My Pen Addiction

I am a total pen snob. If you walked into a stationery shop I would be the person trying every single pen till I found one I liked. I have loved some pens so much that I have actually mourned them when they broke or ran out. And now that you know I’m a total nut case here are some of my favourite pens.

My Pen Addiction

Bic 4 Colour: I agree that its totally stupid that Bic made a special line of pens “just for girls” but I have to admit I really like this pen. I would prefer if the nib was just a little smaller but its nice to write with and I like the colours.

Paperchase Gel Pen: This pen comes in so many different colours. And its super cheap, £1 I think. Again I would have preferred if the nib was a bit smaller and sometimes the ball doesn’t work so well but I like these.

Staedtler Tri Plus: I didn’t really choose the best colour to show off this pen. But I love them. They come in so many different colours and are fantastic for taking notes. I got a new set of these every year all the way through high school and college and they never ran out. That is also the reason why I have a giant pile of them now.

Pigma Micron 02: This is just a really good artist pen. It works really well and hasn’t run out on me yet. And you get super tiny nibs which are good for really small details.

Pilot Hi-Techpoint V5: I can’t say anything about this pen other than I like it. It feels nice to write with and again it was fantastic for taking notes in college.

Rotring Tikky 05: Okay so technically this isn’t a pen, its a mechanical pencil. Sometimes I prefer to write in pencil but I’m too lazy for sharpeners and all that. I got this pencil in a pack with an extra tube of lead, I’ve been using it for nearly a year and I still have half a tube of lead left. The only problem I have with this pencil is the eraser that comes with it is way too small.

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116 thoughts on “My Pen Addiction

  1. I, too, am a pen-obsessive person, hahah. My husband actually calls me the pen lady and sometimes makes fun of me for it, and then questions me when I ask for a pen and points me to my abyss of a purse. I have so many from different places and in a variety of colors. I love it. Your post made me happy, so I guess that’s saying something right!? HAHA, I definitely need new pens so I’m going to take notes on the ones you just reviewed and get some for myself. It’s a fun obsession, lol! Take care.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂 If you’re wanting to buy new pens get a pack of the Staedtler ones. I think Amazon are selling a special 30 pen pack just now.

      I was actually in an art store once and came across them in a few colours I hadn’t seen before. Its ridiculous how excited I got over them.

      1. I love stationary and pens as much as I love signing birthday cards and writing letters with those pens. Honestly it is kind of scary. Haha. I get terribly excited when in the same circumstances. It’s kind of comical.

        But yeah, thank you for the (tips-pen tips)! I’ll be sure to check that deal out and get the pens you’ve recommended. After all, we gotta (stick together-like they do in their packs) right!?

        So many pennuendos. Just so many. 🙂
        Have a nice day.

  2. When I was a kid, my mom worked in an office supply store….pure heaven. I would spend hours in the pen aisle testing them all out. Love a pen that writes smoothly, without noise, and without dripping extra ink everywhere.

  3. When I was younger, my best friend’s aunt had her own shop and her own pens and they were incredible those pens. I’m honestly still mourning them! Haha 🙂

  4. I have recently mourned the disappearance of a pen! It was lovely just a promotional one for our school. I have a feeling I left it in the staff room, so probably disappeared forever!

    1. omg yes. I lost so many pens at work it got to the point where I would literally refuse to let anyone borrow them. One time the general manager needed a pen and I had to give her mine. She walked off with it and I never saw it again. Sad times.

  5. The red version of the PaperChase Gel is my go-to pen for proofreading because it just feels so comfortable in my hand, even for long periods.
    But my all-time favourite is my Montblanc Meisterstück that I was given as an award at work many years ago. I keep it in a safe place and only take it out for special occasions. It writes so smooth. If I wasn’t so afraid of losing it, I’d use it every day.

    1. What! £385 for a pen. And heres me thinking spending £5 on a pen is too much.

      I love those paperchase gel pens but they can be temperamental. I’ve found that sometimes they just refuse to work.

  6. I love pens soooo much. I had a set in high school that were the world to me, thick even lines that wrote smoothly. They discontinued the cartridge for the pen and I was heartbroken. I still have the pens but without ink. Currently, I’m using the Sharpie pens.

      1. Maybe its just you 😛

        Actually I remember someone telling me that sharpies were really good for left handed people because the ink dries really quickly.

  7. I love the staedtler fineliners. Such amazing colours and so fun to write with! They have always been my favourite pens to make study notes with – I have a massive box full of them lying around somewhere.

  8. Funny. Haven’t seen a Rotring since my time at school. Have to take a look if it’s still somewhere at my desk…

  9. I love love love pens! I have so many different kinds but I will always have my favorites. And I love discovering new awesome pens so I will definitely have to check out some of your pens! 🙂

      1. Yup, I’m a bit of a pen hoarder. Not so much anymore. Any free pen I get I take to work. I never have to order pens for the office. I keep awesome pens for home. No cheap, bics allowed.

  10. So glad I’m not the only one like this – I’m OBSESSIVE. And I <33333 the Staedtler Triplus and the Sakura Pigma Microns soooo much. I have a few Pigmas that I've had since high school (10 years ago for me… ugh) that still write like they're brand new.

  11. I have had a pen and mechanical pencil additiction since I was a little kid. I remember when they invented Flairs. I could not get enough of those and I got in trouble in 5th grade for doing my homework in “unapproved” colors. Prior to Flairs, pens were mainly black, blue-black and blue. Thanks for sharing this. It was fun to read and remember.

  12. I’m not too familiar with the pens in your post. I stay away from gel pens and all forms of ballpoints. Personally, I use a 0.5mm needlepoint. Academix makes decent 0.5mm needlepoints.

  13. Hey Emma, good post, The right (write) pen is important. I don’t write w/paper very much anymore, as I never did anything with it once it was writ. But I too like the feel of various pens and the way the ink flows. You did good! Makes me want to go get another decent pen and write the old fashioned way.

  14. To go back some eighty or so years, Muriel Eddy wrote this about Howard Phillips Lovecraft in “The Gentleman from Angell Street”:
    “I live with my two devoted aunts,” he told us seriously. “They let me sleep all hours of the day, if I am so inclined. Most of my nights I spend in writing. I write my manuscripts in long-hand, as I detest typing. I have had this Waterman fountain pen for years, and it is my constant companion.” He withdrew a black pen from his pocket and showed it to us.

  15. Hahaha that was a fun read. I’m quite the pen enthusiast myself. I try not to go to stationery stores very often so as to not end up buying a pen or two that catch my eye. My dad gifted me a really premium pen recently and as much as I love it, I dread the day its ink runs out.

      1. Yes it is difficult. Especially when certain pens are like limited editions or something and they tell you “We don’t make those anymore.”

  16. Loved that post – it made me check what pens I actually use (never thought about it before). Right now, a Bic Atlantis and a Bic Velcoty, both pretty good. All I need now is a pen that understands the vision I have and writes it for me.

  17. WOW, I can so relate to this, although I never realised I was a pen addict until you brought this addiction into the reality hehe. I too love the gel pens that seem to glide on and feel great in the hands.

    I don’t know about the Bic four pens in one though, this is cumbersome to use and the ink itself is pale and crappy on the page hehe

    Lovely post 🙂

  18. it is so comforting to know that there is a community of nutcases that drool emotionally over a pen as much as I do, and the pilot pen i use often when writing lyrics down for tunes, that i will be showing in a few weeks from now, this was such a great read, thank you 🙂

  19. I worked at an office supply store after high school just so I could be closer to the pens. #truestory

    1. My all-time favorite was a UNI-BALL as well. Seems like the particulars are the same as the one I had. It had just the right amount of scritch to it. I STILL mourn that pen 😉

  20. Oh my god, I just looked at all you pens and now I’m jealous! 😉 But seriously. I had this PERFECT pen, it ran out of ink but I’ve kept it anyway hoping to find a replacement but no luck yet. I swiped it from my sister’s house but we’re no speaking at the moment (nothing to do with me taking the pen – she didn’t care) and I can’t find a replacement! But now I’m inspired to go hunting tomorrow. Thanks for the GREAT post! 🙂

  21. I can poke around in stationary stores for ever. I live looking at pens. I bought one just yesterday that looks like a crayon. Not terribly expensive but so cute 🙂