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Today I want to share a slightly different kind of stationery subscription. A little while ago I came across Stickii Club. This is a sticker subscription, where each month you get sent a pack of stickers. Along with some other related goodies. I like having stickers to use in my planner. Though I also have a bad habit of buying stickers then forgetting to use them.


Stickii Club is a sticker subscription service based in the US. Each month they send out a pack containing stickers and other related items. The stickers are all based around one theme, you can choose what sort of stickers you would prefer.

The three themes available are cute, retro and pop. The cute stickers feature animals and people with pastel colours. The retro stickers are more like vintage illustrations. The pop theme is more out there, with bright colours and pop culture references.

The subscription is $10 a month plus shipping which is a pretty decent price in my opinion. Sometimes it can be hard finding new stickers so this is a good way to get something new and unusual. The shipping also seemed to be quite fast, especially since it was dispatched from the US. I also didn’t have to pay any extra customs fees which is a problem I’ve had with the Stationery Selection box.


If we’re going for total honesty here I have to admit I totally forgot I had signed up to Stickii Club. So it was quite a surprise when the envelope appeared in my postbox one day. I had signed up to the retro pack because I liked the idea of some vintage stickers. Stickii club sends out an email telling you what the theme is for the three separate sticker packs so I knew what I was expecting. But it was still a surprise when it actually arrived.

It was a nautical theme for the October box. This meant lots of stickers featuring underwater animals, again in this vintage illustration style. I really like images in this sort of style and that was the main reason I chose the retro pack.

The stickers came in a variety of formats. There was a pack of animal stickers where you have to peel off the backing. There was also a few sheets of stickers printed on a type of vellum, so the stickers were slightly transparent. The stickers came in a plastic A5 pocket which I imagine would fit into a Filofax or other ring bound planner.

There was also a number of non-sticker albums. Including an anchor-shaped paper clip. I have no use for such a thing so I use it as a decoration on my pencil case. There were also sticky notes and an iron on patch. All with illustrations matching that nautical theme.


I really liked this subscription, but I wouldn’t continue with it. Simply because I don’t use stickers regularly enough to warrant a monthly subscription. I imagine this would be different for someone who scrapbooks regularly or uses lots of stickers in a bullet journal or planner. I will say what you get in the subscription is well worth the $10 price.

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