Some Advice On How To Read More Books

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A long time ago someone asked if I could write some tips on how to read more. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in the subject but I do spend quite a lot of time reading. So today I am here to share some advice on how to read more and enjoy the experience.



The first thing I need to say is this, reading is not a competition. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others, you shouldn’t feel like you need to read just because other people do. No one cares if you read 3 books or 300 in a year. I mean just a few years ago I only read 2 or 3 books in a year and I was totally okay with that because I was reading the books I wanted to read.


That is the best piece of advice I can give you, make reading a priority. Set aside a time every day where you sit down for an hour and just read. Nothing else. But you can also look for times during the day where you could read, if you get a bus or train to work/ school read a book instead of playing games on your phone. If you drive a car listen to audiobooks while you drive. Look for times during your day where you could fit reading in.


The next thing I have to say is, it doesn’t matter how fast you read. There are websites that can tell you your reading speed and ways to improve it but that doesn’t really matter. You have to take into consideration how long the book is. Its going to take someone far longer to read a 1000 page book than a 100 page graphic novel. You also need to remember that some books are easier than others. For example, you’ll probably get through a Harry Potter book faster than a Jane Austen novel.


I’ve also found its best to not make a TBR list every month (I know this is very popular in the book blog/tube community). If you decide at the start of the month that you want to read a particular book you could possibly change your mind by the time you actually get around to it. You’re going to get through a book you want to read much faster than a book where you’re forcing yourself to turn each page.


Finally there are some methods that can help you concentrate on the book when you do decide to sit down and open a book. First, music, on or off depending on your preferences. Where you sit, or to be more specific the things around you are important too. I like to pick somewhere quiet and preferably not looking out a window. Hiding your phone/ laptop helps too. Don’t just turn them on silent mode, actually move them so you can’t see them while you read. If you can’t see your phone you won’t be tempted to check social media.


That is all the tips I can give. Just remember that no one will judge you based on the number of books you finish. Reading isn’t some competition. You do it because you want to, wether thats for enjoyment or some other reason.


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