A Sticker Stack Haul And Review

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A few weeks ago I discovered Sticker Stack. This is a stationery shop based in the UK which sells Korean stationery. And of course I ended up buying a few things I probably shouldn’t have.



I love my bullet journal but I’ve found that I spend a huge amount of time every month getting it set up. So I decided to try one of these Simple Free Planners by Iconic. This is an undated planner which means you can start at any point during the year. It has space for 12 months and 55 weeks.

I was drawn to this planner in particular because the weekly page set up is similar to what I was already using in my bullet journal. It also seemed to be really well made with a sturdy plastic cover and ring binding. I’m really hoping this planner helps me stay organised over my next year in college. The undated pages means I can set the planner up exactly how I want to use it.


Iconic also makes sticker packs for decorating your planner and obviously I bought some (I’ve become slightly addicted to planner stickers). I also picked up a pack of page flags because they were really cute and it’s almost impossible to find these transparent ones in anything but neon colours.


I’ve not been paid or anything to say this but I also have to mention how quick the delivery was. I spent over £30 which meant I got free shipping.  So I was really surprised when I had this package within 24 hours of ordering it.

I would really recommend shopping on Sticker Stack if you’re looking for cute stationery. I’ve used a few different websites to buy stationery from Asia. But most are a little hit or miss on wether your order will actually arrive.


  • genesisthe1st

    This is one of the coolest journals I’ve seen.. i hate the dated ones because it makes my laziness quite obvious… like starting to write by April… so what happened from Jan to March right?!! hehehe! love this!

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