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Today I am going to share an unboxing of the August Papergang subscription. This month Papergang’s featured illustrator was Iraville. This is someone who I have followed on Instagram and Youtube for years. I literally jumped at the chance to get some of her artwork. Mostly because I couldn’t afford any of her original pieces in her Etsy store.


Papergang is a monthly subscription box run by OhhDeer. Every month they send out a box full of stationery bits, like cards, washi tape, notebooks and other items. OhhDeer was started as a way to highlight illustrators and the Papergang box features a different illustrator every month.

This month they featured Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde, who is known better online as Iraville. Iraville is a Munich based illustrator and character design artist. She works primarily in watercolour and has a very distinctive colour palette. Most of her illustrations feature trees, birds and nature.


I really liked the August Papergang box. In the past, some of the boxes have been hit or miss but this one was great. The first thing in the box was a riso printed calendar for October. This is something you get in every Papergang subscription and is great for including in planners or bullet journals.

The next item was a 5-meter roll of washi tape featuring some of Iraville’s illustrations on it. Honestly, I’m in love with this washi tape. Out of everything you get in the Papergang boxes. The washi tapes are always the thing I use most. But I’m almost scared to use this tape because I like the illustrations so much.

The next item in the box was an A5-ish notebook. These notebooks are just slightly larger than A5 size. This one again features an illustration from Iraville on the cover which wraps around to the back. The only thing I don’t like about these specific notebooks is the layout. One side of the page is lined and the other is blank. I have another notebook from Papergang which is the exact same as this. I would really much prefer if they were either all lined or all blank. That way I could use it as a notebook or sketchbook.

The last items was a greetings card featuring another Iraville illustration. This particular card is going straight up on my wall because I love it. And the last was three HB pencils all in that same colour palette which Iraville seems to prefer. It’s a pencil so there isn’t much I can say about that. But its an item I am certain to use at some point.


I really liked the August box. Honestly, I only signed up for the Papergang subscription because this box featured Iraville. But that’s how I’ve found Papergang works best for me. I sign up for a month if I like the preview on the Papergane website. But at £10.95 for a box, it’s a pretty good deal. I just don’t need notebooks being sent to me every single month.


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