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This is the third time I’ve tried to start a proper blog. A quick Google search would probably show numerous accounts I’ve started and totally forgotten about. I’ve made at least three attempts to starts blogging with Blogspot. Technically this blog is already a year and a half old because I made it then promptly forgot about it.

But this blog will be different. Hopefully.

So I should really start by introducing myself. My name is Emma though some of you may know me better as BluChickenNinja. I have a degree, a cat and I make videos on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy my boring year.

2017 UPDATE: I’m kicking myself for that last sentence. If you’re wondering why, a number of life changing things happened to me that year. Not only did I start (and prematurely end a course) which I loved. I also ended up seriously ill and now have a chronic illness on top of that. So yeah I’m kicking myself for that sentence.

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