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Fun Fact: I Am Not An Apple Genius

I Am Not An Apple Genius

I spent three years at studying for a degree in Computing. During that time I learned many things, like normalizing to third normal form, what a name server is and how artificial intelligence works. At no point during that course was I taught how to be an apple genius.

However during that time I did not learn how to fix that problem with your iPad which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. And I have no idea why your 6-year-old iPod won’t work like it did when you first got it. You know why that is. Because I’m not an apple genius.

It’s not that I can’t be bothered or don’t want to fix your problem. I just don’t feel comfortable trying to fix a piece of technology I have never used or even owned. Because if I do something and accidentally break your iPod, who will be getting the blame. And there is a good chance I will. Because I’m not an Apple Genius.

So when I tell you to take your broken iPod/iPad/Mac into an Apple store to get fixed, it’s not that I don’t want to help. It is because these people are actually trained to fix your problem. It’s kind of their job.



One response to “Fun Fact: I Am Not An Apple Genius”

  1. Ah…same deal with sewing 😉 There are some things I just can’t fix: ‘maybe going to a tailor would be best’…


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