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I Designed A Logo For A Nursery

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This was the first part of my corporate identity project which I ended up doing last because I missed a few days. Basically this was a practice run at designing a logo for a child’s play group.

I started off by doing a little research into play groups and had a look at their logos. Logos are something which can be really complicated because of how important they are. Its the most recognisable thing you see on most websites.

This logo was specifically for children so I wanted something that was fun and happy. Maybe almost looking like a child had actually drawn it. So I started off by drawing shapes. This is actually the most fun thing about designing logos because you basically start out by doodling. You do pages and pages of doodles.


After finding a shape I liked (the sun) I then took this into Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to keep the hand drawn feel of the original drawing so I used the image trace mode to convert my drawing into a vector. Then I spent a good long time looking for the right font.

This is actually the hardest part of designing a logo, you could spend days and days looking for the right font. It’s also even harder because you have to be careful and check the copyright on any typefaces downloaded for the internet. I’m not even going to get started on finding a nice font thats actually free.

And I was actually pretty happy with how this turned out. Maybe I could have spent more time trying to incorporate the logo into the text but I was happy with this. I really like how the yellow of the sun extends just outside the doodle, gives it a more handmade feel.

It works really well as a logo for a nursery. It looks exactly what you would expect to see at any daycare. Its fun and playful. Okay maybe I could have got a slightly better font to work with the logo but overall I really like it.


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