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A Back To School Haul | Cass Art Student Day

It’s September again which means some back to school shopping for art supplies. However this year I decided to wait a few weeks so I had a better understanding of what I would be needing for the upcoming year (most of which I already had), this also meant I could take advantage of Cass Art’s student day and get extra money off along with a few freebies. Anyway here’s what I got.


art supplies bought at cass art student day

The thing about graphic design is that there is no specific medium you have to use while going through the design process. The only important thing is that you get your ideas down quickly. This means marker pens are a good thing to have and my particular favourite are the Tombow Dual Brush Markers. These don’t bleed through paper, they blend well and you can add water to them for a more watercolour type effect.

A few months ago I bought a pad of Cass Art’s rough watercolour paper and though I’ve had a problem with a few sheets resisting water in places I actually really like it. So I decided to buy a pad of the smooth watercolour paper as well (I’ve actually used some of this already and I really like it).

I also bought some Staedtler pigment liners in the 03 size. Not really anything I can say about these. It’s just a regular pen. But I’m finding the 03 size is what I prefer best.


free items from cass art student day goody bag

Along with the items I bought for going back to school. Cass Art also had a goody bag available for students .f you spent over £20. This included a number of art supplies such as pens, pencils, a bottle of ink and a whole tin of pens from Windsor & Newton. As you can see below I tried out the Ecoline brush pen and ink. I really these pens for hand lettering.

The Windsor & Newton pens I wasn’t so amazed by. I found that most of them bled pretty badly in my sketchbook. I’ve also heard that for the pigment marker you really need to have the special marker paper made by W&N for them to work properly, but it was still nice getting to try them.

I also need to mention that Liquitex paint marker. It was so cool, it’s literally like writing with acrylic paint. But it comes out a pen. I don’t think there is any reason why I would need more of those pens but I want them.

sketchbook page of pen tests bought back to school art haul

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