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Today I’m going to review the September Papergang subscription box. The theme for this month’s box was mindfulness and the featured illustrator was Gemma Correll. I’m going to be totally transparent here. I only got this box because I forgot to cancel my subscription after the August Iraville box.


Papergang is a monthly subscription box run by Ohh Deer. Every month they feature an illustrator who creates artwork to be placed on various stationery items. The box costs around £10 a month with £2 shipping within the UK. This stationery box is much cheaper compared to others like The Stationery Selection from Japan. But you still get some really nice items in it.

This month’s featured creator was Gemma Correll. Gemma is a freelance illustrator who graduated from Norwich University. If you don’t recognise her name you will certainly recognise her work. I pretty much knew her as that person who draws pugs.


The theme for the September box was mindfulness. A good choice for this time of year considering its back-to-school season. As such the first item in the box was a Teapigs sample. I’m a bit boring when it comes to tea. I like my English Breakfast and nothing else. But chocolate flake tea sounds interesting so I will have to give that a go.

The next item in the box was a set of illustrated stickers. These are “self-care” stickers so have phrases like “did my best” and “remembered to breath”. I really like these. I already have this exact set of stickers which I bought on Ohh Deer a few years ago. They are great to go in a planner. Especially if you’ve had a stressful day.

After that, there was an A4-ish notebook. Now I complain a lot about the notebooks which come in Papergang boxes. The last 2 notebooks I’ve received have only had lines on one side of the page. I would either prefer all lines or no lines. Fortunately, the stationery gods were looking down on me this month and I got a properly lined notebook.

Then there was an A5-ish notepad. With a cat illustration this time. And lots of space to note down all the things you waited till the very last minute to do. Or is that just me? Then there was an academic wall planner. This thing is huge, around A1 size. It features an illustration on one side and a really simple September to August 2019 calendar on the other. Perfect for planning out due dates and such like.

The last item was an A4 risograph printed poster. The illustration on this is really simple but I love it. As you can see I immediately put this up where I would be able to see it. If you haven’t already realised. I started university in September and the stress is getting to me.


I really liked this Papergang box. The illustrations done by Gemma Correll were lovely. And it was the sort of thing I needed at the time. I think I’m maybe a little harsh when it comes to Papergang. The items you get are really nice. And at around £12 a box, you really can’t complain about the price.

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