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Papergang Bullet Journal Box | Review

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The latest subscription box from Papergang recently arrived in my post box and I just had to share what was inside. It’s been about a year since I last got a Papergang box. I loved the service but I quickly gained more notebooks than I knew what to do with. This specific February box I knew I had to have when I found out it contained stationery specifically for bullet journaling.

Papergang is a stationery subscription box service run by OhDeer. This is a shop based in the UK and they sell lots of quirky stationery items like cards and notebooks. The shop is almost like a platform for illustrators so they are always bringing new designers in and selling their work on the website.

OhDeer will also get those illustrators to do themed boxes. For example Nina Cosford and Gemma Correll have both done boxes. The items featured in the boxes tend to then go on sale on the OhDeer website, so if you missed this box, or don’t want to subscribe. You can still get your hands on these stationery items.

The boxes are currently £10.95 a month if you pay on a month to month basis. You also get a small amount off if you pay for a 3 or 12 month subscription up front. The items you get change every month but they tend to be worth more than the price of the box. So subscribing tends to be cheaper than buying each separately.


The bullet journal box had a pink theme to it so most items were in a fluorescent pink colour. The item which drew my eye was the fluro pink ruler. This is a sheet of acetate with the ruler numbers etched on. I’m in love with this ruler. It’s so pink it almost hurts your eyes. That thing pretty much immediately went in my pencil case.

The next items were a pack of stickers. You get four sheets of stickers in this pack and it seems to be OhDeer’s version of the weekly planner kits you find on Etsy. It includes to-do list type stickers along with check boxes and some common tasks.

Every box also comes with a risograph printed calendar sheet. The sheet is dated for two months after the box. So this was the February box and I got a calendar sheet for April. Again this would be useful for going in a bullet journal. It is slightly annoying that you have to wait a month to actually use it.

Then we have a plastic pencil case, again in that same fluro pink colour. This would be great for holding any bullet journal supplies. With this came a set of three pencils in fluorescent colours. I didn’t really think it was possible to get pencils in fluorescent colours but there you go.

And finally we have an A5 notebook. This is a paperback notebook. The whole thing has been bound in such a way that you can see the binding on the spine. I really like this effect, it seems to be the in thing just now. Paperchase are selling notebooks in this same style. The notebook has around 90 pages of dot grid paper. Like I’ve mentioned before this type of paper is great for bullet journaling.


I think Papergang is great. Who wouldn’t like getting a box of stationery through the door every month. At just over £10 a month I think it’s well worth the price. The only problem I have with the system is that last time I signed up I quickly accumulated more notebooks than I knew what to do with. I think next month’s box is coming in a tube so I shouldn’t have that problem.

If you’re like me and don’t want new notebooks every month you could always keep an eye out on Instagram and only buy the boxes you think sound interesting. Some boxes really can be hit or miss but I guess that is the problem with this type of stationery subscription.

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