Moglea Stationery Haul and Review

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Today I thought I would write about my new obsession. That being a brand called Moglea who sells some lovely stationery products. I probably don’t need any more nice stationery things but apparently I also have no self control so here is a little Moglea haul and review.

I originally came across Moglea in the stationery department of Liberty of London. The stationery shop being the only place in Liberty which sells almost reasonably priced items. If you consider a £5 greetings card reasonable.

But Paperchase has recently started selling some Moglea items online and in the larger Paperchase shops. If you’re ever in Glasgow head to the Paperchase on Buchanan Street because it’s huge and they always have some interesting stationery items for sale.


Moglea is a letterpress studio based in Iowa. It was founded by Chad and Meg Gleason after they bought a century old letterpress. Meg wanted to bring unusual processes like dip dye and hand painting to the fine stationery market and Moglea was born.

Moglea like to focus on the craft of artful stationery and paper goods. This means every product you buy from them will have hand made elements included. Making each item feel unique.


The first item I ordered was the Weekly Pad, which retails in the UK for £10. I have to admit, when I came across this in Paperchase I pretty much bought it immediately. It features a pad of 50 undated weekly sheets. Meaning you can choose when you want to use it.

The page is slightly smaller than A4. Meaning it fits perfectly in my bullet journal. The paper is really smooth, making it a nice surface to write on. I wrote on this paper using a Muji gel pen and had no problems with the ink smearing.

The art on this pad seems to be original hand painted art which was scanned and printed onto each sheet. If you look closely you can see the brush marks on the page. I was slightly worried about how dark this paper is, as you can see I like adding highlights with coloured pencils. But even they show up well on the paper.


The second item I ordered was the Colourblock Pad. It is essentially a block of to-do lists. I am basically the queen of to-do lists right now. It’s not even funny how much stuff I have to do.

The pad features 125 sheets, so you’re not going to run out any time soon. It’s around A6 size, again making it great to fit into whatever notebook you happen to be using. The edges of this pad are all hand painted, my particular one has little flecks of paint on it which gives a really nice effect.

The paper is an off white colour, it sort of reminds me of newsprint. But it’s lovely and smooth making it easy to write on. I really love the design of this pad, it’s so simple but works so well, especially with the cut off corner. The Colorblock Pad also retails at £10.


Hope you enjoyed my Moglea haul. If you like pretty stationery and have a bit extra cash to spare I really recommend having a look at the Moglea products. Especially if you’re in the US because they have a wider range on their website. The products may be simple but they are so well designed, and the little handmade touches just add to the appeal.

When I find the time I will have to tell you about my hand painted sketchbook from Moglea which is so lovely I’m afraid to use it.

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